Bulldog Gin Australia celebrates 50 years of guitar smashing in new campaign via The Royals

JW_A43R7810-1.jpgCampari Bulldog Gin has launched its first online campaign via The Royals, Melbourne which champions "That's the Spirit!" moments.

The first installment of the campaign, kicking off today, celebrates the 50th Anniversary of The Who's lead guitarist, Pete Townshend's, famous guitar 'smashing' which occurred at the end of their legendary gig at London's Railway Tavern in 1964. This iconic moment in rock and roll history was named one of Rolling Stone magazine's "50 Moments That Changed Rock & Roll".

To mark this momentous occasion with a "That's the Spirit!" salute, and to stamp its own unique personality on the burgeoning gin market, Bulldog Gin recently staged a live event in Melbourne featuring a number of local guitarists who concluded their sets with their own high impact signature moment. The footage of this event will be released on a number of online channels including Bulldog Gin's Australian Facebook page, YouTube, along with Vevo and several music and entertainment sites.

Says Nicole Stanners, marketing director: "Bulldog Gin is bold, confronting and, above all, individual. It captures the bold confidence and irreverent spirit of the original British bulldog, Winston Churchill, exuding originality and creativity and defying conformity. We are really excited about our "That's the Spirit!" campaign which salutes iconic moments in history. The first installment not only salutes this famous rock and roll moment, it also perfectly encapsulates the essence of Bulldog Gin.

"We encourage consumers to check out the video footage and leave comments on https://www.facebook.com/BulldogGinAus describing their own "That's the Spirit" moments."

Says Nick Cummins, creative director, The Royals: "This is one of those perfect storm opportunities where everything perfectly aligns -a growing category and a growing brand with a disruptive Brand DNA. I am excited about this campaign and we look forward to hearing consumers' reactions."

Agency: The Royals
Production: Renegade films  
Sam Frederick (editor)
GAS: Jason Murphy (Sound engineer)
Stills Photographer: Jay Hynes


Clean Up said:

What on earth is this? The Who?
Clean it up and do some work.

Sales said:

I estimate this will help zero bottles of gin. Utter waste of client money!

Baffled said:

Unbranded rubbish. What's it for? Looks low rent too.

Anonymous said:

Good shit guys

Pan.. said:

The thing people don't realise is, nobody cares about your ad, your brand or how clever you think your idea is.

It's up to you to convince them it's worth watching.

This fails on every level.

Awesome said:

307 views already!!!

Twang said:

I like it. It's real. it's cool.

Haters here probs all work on insurance cos, banks, or retail... so um, yeah, these guys don't, so suck shit losers.

Is it just me? said:

Or does Jack Daniels feel more rock and than gin?

Gin for tears said:


Oh dear said:

What a terrible waste of guitars.

Target market said:

My dad would like this

English Rose said:

All I want for Christmas is some Super Glue.

Merry Xmas...

Jane Doe said:

The only worse thing than guitar is the guitarist. Merry Christmas!!

Korey said:

What's this guitar smashing all about? I'm a Guitar Wizard and I'd like to Hulk Smash all of these Guitar Smashers.

Merry Christmas! : )

Travelbitch. said:

Some of those guys with longs rats tails are as ugly as a Bulldogs too!
"Merry Christmas"

marcus said:

Utter utter tosh, get a real job you bozos, what a waste of wood, lol. merry christmas.

Paul said:

jimi hendrix smashed his guitar out of passion, these guys are doing it for advertising purposes, doesn't seem very rock n roll to me.

merry xmas

ProbablySmashesBetter said:


Merry christmas

Wanderlust said:

This is for people who just use gin as an excuse to behave badly and get away with it should be what this company is really saying!

Merry Christmas

sky said:

Why is he down on his knees like he's using the guitar to hammer something? And he's not doing a good job. The guitar hammer has broken apart. Merry Christmas.

Jeff said:

How many cheap guitars did Pete go through on his Christmas concerts? Merry Christmas

Abby said:

What a waste of instruments. Merry Christmas

Cedric said:

In the spirits of advertising, Bulldog Gin does away with The Who, it just make sense to me.

Jane Doe said:

He should try next time to smash the guitar over his head. Merry Christmas!

nickie bee said:

To end my performance I would remove strings from my guitar and strangle innocent bystanders. This would make more sense than destroying a perfectly good guitar. Merry Christmas!

Sarah said:

Shoot he probably smashed it because it didn't sound right anymore, he didn't know he's become famous! Merry Christmas!

Harry Bailey said:

The Who? Winston Who? Pete Who? How about someone from this century????? Merry Christmas!

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