Caltex is 'with you all the way' in major brand campaign launch via Leo Burnett Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.05.53 am.jpgCaltex Australia has launched its biggest brand-focused work in more than a decade with a campaign from Leo Burnett Sydney that honours the many ways Australia's leading fuel supplier keeps the country - and the economy - on the go every day.
The "With you all the way" campaign uses a gradually building soundscape that captures the myriad ways Caltex fuel enables Australians to go about their daily lives.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.06.29 am.jpgWith you all the way launched with a 30 second TVC airing nationally yesterday, 28 July with the campaign also set to run across digital and outdoor.
Says Edward Goff, head of brand and product marketing, Caltex Australia: "Caltex's reliable supply forms the backbone of the Australian economy. We fuel the cars, trucks, trains, boats, buses, planes, farm and other heavy machinery that not only make Australians productive, but keep us connected, fed, healthy and, ultimately, prosperous too. Caltex truly is with customers all the way.
"We're honoured to play such a key role in the daily life of the country - and, after a 10 year break, we're proud of the new campaign that highlights our special connection with all Australians."
Caltex - With you all the way - Outdoor - Leo Burnett Sydney.jpgSays Andy DiLallo, chief creative officer Leo Burnett Sydney: "This campaign goes beyond fuel in a tank. It's about what that enables people to do - it's about how it drives our nation, not just our nation's vehicles. The layered approach to the creative reinforces just how the Caltex brand helps take more Australians to more places than any other every day."
Client: Caltex
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Chief Creative Officer: Andy DiLallo
Creatives: Brad Grey/Vince Lagana/Grant McAloon
Agency Producer: Renata Barbosa
Production Company - The Sweet Shop
Director - Noah Marshall
Producer - Tony Whyman
Managing Director - Wilf Sweetland
Executive Producer  - Edward Pontifex
DOP - Ryley Brown
Editor - Drew Thompson
Post Production - Method Studios
Sounds Design & Music - Nylon


Raphael Elisha said:

Love it!!

Malcolm said:

Really nice.

stratos23 said:

what a tragically missed opportunity....

Meh. said:

Honda's "Impossible dream" but without the emotion.

98-Octane. said:

Nice bit of film, comes across as an ad for petrol. When my car is empty, I fill it up at the closest petrol station. This seems like an extravagant way to reinforce the status quo.

+ said:

@ Meh, Honda Impossible dream? Really? Never got there.
But I bet the agency had the same dream budget they had.
I love the simplicity.

Tough brief said:

But yeah, it's an ad for fuel.

I don't know how you do a Caltex ad with an actual USP that gets people to choose Caltex over other brands.

But this is an ad for fuel.

'With you all the way'???/ said:

In which decade have we not seen this line??

What's the IDEA for God's sake? How did the CD pitch it to the client - like this??

''Petrol is used by everybody, so we're going to show everybody who uses petrol in the commercial.''


Take the rest of the afternoon off, Champ.

nice said:

@ 'With you all the way'???/,
I can tell by your comments you're one bitter person. Watching the ad I was surprised to see that Caltex fuel more than I thought i.e I had no idea they fueled fire trucks, aircrafts and boats etc. Land, Sea, Air. And the line 'one name moves more Australians than any other' summed that up perfectly.
I like it, it stands out on telly and even though it won't change my mind about petrol stations (the evil bastards), it kind of makes me like Caltex just a little more.

WTF? said:


So what did you think powered trucks, aircrafts (sic) and boats etc, elastic bands?

Or maybe they've discovered some clean, non-polluting space crystals to make machines move around in that nice world you live in?


Old CD Guy said:

It never fails to surprise me that people who've built up formidable creative reputations eventually just give up and produce generic wallpaper.

@WTF? - be gentle to @Nice - he's obviously a simpleton.

MadwoMan said:

Nice idea. Works for me

ha said:

@Old CD, taking a swipe and belittling others is clearly the way you built your reputation. Maybe the creatives presented better work? Maybe they tried pushing the client? You just don't know. As a man of experience surely you know not every ad can be a winner.
The ad does a good clean professional job and stand out in it's category.
Part of being a good smart creative is knowing where your opportunities lie. Surely even you know that. Bet the reels of the guys you are knocking will still put yours to shame.
Well done Leo's. Saw it last night and it got my attention.

Dannyboi said:

Beautifully produced - credit to Leo's , The Sweet Shop and Method.

However I have to agree it's category work. Caltex need to develop and market innovation for the punter. Give me higher octane, better performance, longer lasting, greener etc.

Then I'll seek out your servo rather than buy on convenience

Groucho said:

I notice there is no planner in the credits. That may be why this spot is utterly devoid of a single minded strategy. Or, indeed, any strategy at all.


One word.

Old CD Guy said:

Thanks for the free character analysis, @ha. You're surprisingly accurate! And I'll concede that sometimes you just can't get good work approved. You can only try to teach a pig to sing for so long before it wastes your time and annoys the pig. However I have to disagree that the spot is a standout in its category. It says nothing about the brand other than that Caltex supplies fuel. Well, what a revelation. My mate @Groucho expresses the core issue well. Sometimes it's possible to take a nothing proposition and turn on the charm, or make it funny or interesting. But this spot doesn't do that. That you think it's a professional execution only means they got the right amount of polish on the turd.

Swimming against the tide of angst said:

I actually like this.

They've kept it simple when they could have over-engineered the hell out of the concept. They're selling fuel, and have found an interesting demonstrative way to do this without the trickery. The way its shot and edited is quite nice and reminds me of the no-fuss way we used to make tv ads in a matter of fact way. I felt the voiceover let the side down slightly but overall I give it a thumbs up.

Nice one guys, and ignore some of the above - clearly a slow brief day for 'em.

Old CD Guy said:

Just noticed the blurb:

'Says Andy DiLallo, chief creative officer Leo Burnett Sydney: "This campaign goes beyond fuel in a tank. It's about what that enables people to do - it's about how it drives our nation, not just our nation's vehicles. '

If only they'd done that.

The commercial might have had an idea in it.

me said:

Saw this on tv tonight. Liked it lots.
Old CD guy, you must have a particular liking to this topic as I see you keep posting comments. Now because you're old I'll let you in on a little secret .... Incase you haven't noticed you keep posting but no one is listening.

blah blah said:

it's almost the BP ad from nearly 30 years ago, but on steroids. It would be hard to come up with a way to sell something that sells itself, however its engaging enough the first time or so. Judging by the heated debate, its obviously made an impression.

fei said:

What a shame the "With you all the way" badges that staff members are being made to wear are leading to many unwanted lewd comments, amounting to what might be called sexual harassment by customers who think they are being funny.
Wake up. Dear Caltex, Don't make your staff wear this. Don't expect your staff to put up with this sort of crassness. Dear Advertising Agency, you should have foreseen this.

seen this before ... said:

Hey - isn't this just a an updated version of BP's old TVC, 'On the Move' ... has all the same elements, cars, boats, planes, trucks, trains and filling up at the service station ???

Eagle said:

We are operators of two caltex branded truck stops / roadhouses - we were sent big red badges with the slogan "caltex - with you all the way" that caltex have required that our staff wear.

After just one day the women had multiple sexual harassing advances from customers asking them to go "all the way" and even male staff being harassed by truck drivers because of the wording of the slogan.

We have enough trouble creating a safe and harassment free workplace for our staff without caltex insisting our staff were a flashing red badge that attracts unwanted advances - this campaign could have been much better thought out.

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