Comms Council urges agencies to act on new procurement principle: No Women, No Work

Comms-Council-logo-300x131.jpgInaction on gender diversity is no longer an option - a message that resurfaced yesterday with BlackRock's warning to Australian listed companies which noted their approach to new gender diversity standards had been "lacklustre".

The spotlight is again on Australia's leading businesses to turn the conversation about gender diversity into action, though pressure to lift gender diversity will impact a much broader pool of organisations, including agencies within the marketing communications industry.
In November 2013, a group of Australia's biggest companies formally agreed to put pressure on their suppliers to either implement gender diversity policies or else risk future contracts. ANZ Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, Qantas, ASX, Woolworths, IBM Australia, Citi Australia and the Federal Treasury are just several supporting the procurement principle.

Urging marketing communications agencies to act, The Communications Council is holding Gender Diversity Forums for Comms Council and MFA industry leaders on Wednesday 30th July in Sydney and on Thursday 31st July in Melbourne. The sessions will share practical recommendations for creating change, discussing how your organisation must develop in line with this principle to ensure a progressive culture, reputation and ultimately help grow your business.  

Speakers include:

Gordon Cairns - Co-Founder of The Male Champions of Change, and Chair of Origin and David Jones

Communications Council Gender Diversity Group
Alex Allwood - Chair of Gender Diversity Group and Principal of The Holla Agency
Lorraine Jokovic - Gender Diversity Group Representative and CEO of Loud

Industry Champions
Sudeep Gohil - Chair of The Communications Council and CEO of Droga5
John Steedman - Chair and CEO of Group M

If you would like to attend the forum, please contact for more details.  


Date: Wednesday 30th July, 2014
Time: 8:00am - 10:00am
Location: Harbour 22, Level 15 Hudson House, 131 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Date: Thursday 31st July, 2014
Time: 8:00am - 10:00am
Location: The Como Hotel, 630 Chapel St, South Yarra, VIC 3141


reality bites said:

Good luck with that one.

a said:

Am I missing something?

Jacquie Lambie said:

Just to show we're not complete bigots, you can still employ men as long as they are well hung and earn a good package. Or at least have washboard abs.

ahead of the curve said:
the rest of the world said:

Yes it is normal in the rest of the world.... to have female creatives, even executives all through the entire agency. They only make 75-85% of purchasing decisions in the household.

Blokey ads are really getting mind numbing.

Agree said:

Blokey ads are getting really boring. Especially the ones where blokes are portrayed as complete idiots and objectualised.

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