David Jones launches new Spring/Summer 2014 integrated campaign via Whybin\TBWA, Sydney

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 12.44.30 pm.jpgWhybin\TBWA Sydney has launched a new campaign to support the launch of the David Jones Spring/Summer 2014 season. The integrated campaign centres around the concept of 'Exploration'.
The campaign stretches across a range of media: catalogues, a print, digital and outdoor advertising campaign, a short film and TVC, and a suite of social media initiatives to drive consumer engagement.

DAV0562_140522_CamillaMarc_32_06050.jpgThe short film and TVC were shot by Moth director Jeffrey Darling and include a music track by UK band Little Barrie titled 'Surf Hell'. Darling, one of the world's most sought after commercial directors, has previously worked with brands including LVMH, Qantas and American Express. For David Jones he has created a playful and fantastical journey through forests, beaches, museums and cityscapes. The David Jones brand ambassadors Jessica Gomes and Montana Cox feature throughout.
The stills for the campaign were shot by revered fashion and landscape photographer Derek Henderson, against a diverse range of travel-related backgrounds from hot air balloons to sail boats, from wild horses to muscle cars.
The launch of the campaign coincides with David Jones DAV0562_140523_CarlaZampatti_46_09283.jpglaunching a dedicated YouTube channel which is where the film can be viewed and a content environment on its website 'Style HQ'. David Jones is committed to creating compelling content about fashion, beauty, homewares and food as part of its omni-channel retail offering accessible to customers anywhere, any time.
Says Paul Bradbury, CEO of Whybin\TBWA Sydney: "This season David Jones is once again inviting its customers to lead an extraordinary life, this time through the spirit of adventure. Our communication pack is built on the theme of exploration and curiosity. This Spring and Summer we want people to explore not only what David Jones has to offer in-store and online, but also their own personal brand of style."
The new season DAV0562_140523_RachelGilbert_44_08857.jpgcollections will be unveiled at events on level seven at the David Jones store in Sydney CBD this Wednesday 30th July and Thursday 31st July. Attendees at the event will include Australian designers, media, celebrities and VIP customers.
ECDs: Matty Burton and Dave Bowman, Whybin\TBWA Sydney
CDs: Dave Brady Whybin\TBWA and David Park, Maud
Director/Production Company: Jeffrey Darling, MOTH
Photographer: Derek Henderson
Media: Carat


Malcolm said:

Good job.

Style Setter said:

Very cool work!

Steve O said:

David Jones has got its mojo back

jonesing said:

what a mindless mess. and who was it for again?

mmmm said:

Not great. It looks cheap and low budget. Kind of like when Target does fashion.

Nicole said:

WOW! This is great. David Jones is looking better and better each season.

Zoe said:

I’m happy David Jones is finally looking shit-hot...as it should. Also happy it isn't so two-dimensional. I think it's great!

Nicole said:

WOW! This is great. David Jones is looking better and better each season.

Mark said:

So 90's i expected Megan Gale to pop up.

Jamie said:

very impressive work

OMG said:

Seriously is this a joke? K-mart, Big W - even Lowes - is more on trend than this. This is something my Dad would make. The models look terrible.

Try harder guys said:

Not very good is it, but then again the 90's are making a come back…so they say...Timberlands rock.

Old school said:

Love it! Love the story, love the idea. So not what I would expect from David Jones.

90's Westfield said:

i see the TBWA staffers are at it again with their 'Wow!' and 'Cool' comments.
Low budget and dated. Even managed to make Jessica Gomes look bad.

90's is a compliment said:

means we've hit it on the head!

This is retail, not fashion forward remember...

Looks good said:

I would take this David Jones over the old David Jones any day. It’s upbeat, fun and a feast for the eyes and it has an idea – it may not be trend driven but I would imagine that comes down to whatever the separate brands supply them with. Dealing with an aggregator retailer is always challenging– not only do you need to please the client and break them out of their old ways, but you have to consider all their internal teams, as well as the separate designers and brands and their marketing teams too. It’s the reality of a lot of Australian aggregator retailers, unfortunately, as most of them don’t actually pay for any of this – their brands do. I know this because I’ve worked for many of them. This aside, I think it is a job well done to the agency involved and to the client for doing something unexpected – finally Australian retail is catching up.

@ Looks good said:

the only thing worse than posting your own lousy work on this blog is defending it.
this is incomprehensible, over-styled, Australian faaarshun wallpaper.
instead of making excuses check out examples like Harvey Nichols in the UK or even Target in the States. These mange to do this kind of work in a contemporary and elegant way without resorting to such heavy handed, in your face cliches.

nail on the head said:

If bad retail is the aim, this had succeeded in spades.

Contemporary is the word said:

And David Jones is not and never will be Harvy Nichols or Target in the US.

Know your audience mate. And it's not Fashion - it's retail.

@nail on the head said:


Fashtial said:

This has an identity crisis. It doesn't know whether it's fashion or retail so therefore fails at both.

Love it said:

Looks great and I can't fault it, more please.

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