Former Euro RSCG executive CD Rowan Dean appointed editor of the Spectator Australia

LIA-4-thumb-400x298-147196-thumb-200x268-147669.jpgFormer executive creative director and copywriter Rowan Dean has been appointed editor of the Australian edition of the Spectator, the oldest continuously published magazine in the English-speaking world. He replaces Tom Switzer, who has resigned after having been editor for the last five years.

Says Dean: "The fascinating thing about the Spectator, both here and in the UK, is how influential it is in terms of its readership. We are pleased to have not only the Prime Minister but many politicians from all parties are among our avid readers. The Spectator led the way in Australia in attacking the carbon tax, and it's not unusual to find ideas canvassed in the Spectator being picked up in the mainstream soon afterwards. We specialise in politics, art and culture, and we attract some of the best and wittiest writers around. I'm delighted to be taking on the role of editor, but I am fully aware that I have very big shoes indeed to fill with the departure of Tom, who has done such a great job with the magazine."
Dean began his career as an ex-pat copywriter in the UK, where he created the multi-award winning Fosters Lager campaign featuring Paul Hogan. He went on to co-write with art director Garry Horner "the world's greatest ad" for Hamlet cigars, "Photobooth", before returning to Australia as a film director and finally executive creative director of Euro (now Havas).

He began writing columns for the Spectator and the Australian Financial Review in 2010 and was made associate editor of the Spectator Australia in 2012.


Greidy said:

Congratulations Rowan.

Rua said:

Nice one Rowan!

Andy F said:

Congratulations Rowan. Nice.

The spud said:

Nice one Rowan, big congrats.

Genghis Khan said:

He's a bit right wing, isn't he?

Englishman said:

Very impressed. Nice to know advertising isn't the end.

Unplugged said:

He's completely re-invented himself a few times, for which he richly deserves kudos. Most of us would never have the imagination, guts or determination to do that even once. Fortunately for those of us who've seen his attempts to sing and play guitar, this new position makes it even less likely that we'll see him realise his little-known ambition to be a rock star.

Tom and John Fogerty said:

For years, we tried to get him to join Creedence Clearwater Revival, but he was always too busy.

Leezy said:

At least one Screaming Ego is still able to earn a crust ;-))) well done, maaaaaaaate!

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