Genea unveils campaign to promote involvement in Australian Fertility Census via WiTH Collective

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.25.32 am.jpgFertility group Genea has launched a new campaign to promote participation in the Australian Fertility Census via WiTH Collective.

The campaign includes press ads, social media, online banners, PR, eDMs, an online video and a dedicated website.

Genea_Image2.jpgSays Justin Hind, CEO of WiTH Collective: "We want to know just what is the 'state-of-the-nation' of Australians when it comes to their fertility. The confidential census asks questions on a series of issues which can affect fertility, including stress levels, exercise habits as well as a few light-hearted ones such as who they'd choose as their child's fantasy parent. All Australians are invited to take part to see how they compare when it comes to sex, baby making and kids."
Genea, an Australian fertility pioneer with over 28 years' experience in developing world leading fertility science, treatments and technology as well as personal care that's second to none, wants Australians to know more about the factors potentially affecting a couple's ability to conceive.
Says Cathy Gadd, general manager, marketing at Genea: "With Australia's fertility rate under pressure from lifestyle and career choices of men and women, one in six Australian couples will experience some form of infertility. What's most concerning about this statistic is that some Australians don't even realise they may have fertility issues until it's too late."
Insights from the survey will be used to guide conversations during Fertility Awareness Week in September. That way, every Australian can know more about their own fertility and plan their own path to having a baby when they are ready.

GeneaImage1.jpgThe census closes on August 17. Everyone who completes it goes into the draw to win a luxury holiday at Bedarra Island worth $8000 or one of five $300 prepaid Visa gift cards.

This is the first work that WiTH Collective has done for Genea.
Agency: WiTH Collective
Strategy - Justin Hind, Hally Lara
Creative Lead: Paul Kelly
Client Lead: Adam Parsons
Tech Lead: Som Meaden
Account Service: Kristie Beattie
Project Manager: Noorjan Yaftali, Pedro Santos
Copywriter: David Lucas
Art Direction & Design:  Brett Walsh, Carolyn Staples
Development: Drew Kennelly, Indrek Paas
Client: Genea
Cathy Gadd: General Manager Marketing
Hamish Anderson: Marketing and Digital Manager
Elizabeth Gosch: Corporate Communications Manager
Nicole Papoutsis: Brand and Marketing Manager

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