Jeep continues 'I bought a Jeep' campaign with latest 'Clifftop' execution via Cummins & Partners

Jeep-clifftop.jpgJeep Australia is continuing its long-running 'I bought a Jeep' campaign with the latest 'Clifftop' execution created by Cummins & Partners, Melbourne.



Big B said:

This is silly.

I like silly.

Small b said:

This is poo

The Guvnor said:

I think I liked it better when Cummins and CB Blog weren't getting along.

The Acronymiser said:

Frequently underrated, cummins. kick the hysterical idiots sean! some have it together.

downmarket said:

Just me or has this entire campaign taken the brand way down market?

That's fine though, lots of sales down there. Just not to me.

Mark Auzzie said:

I now notice all varieties of Jeeps on the roads, cos of this awareness campaign.
It's a winner,

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