Kinetic Super combats Aussies' apathy towards super in a new campaign via Naked Comms

Kinetic Image.jpgIndustry super fund Kinetic Super has stepped up its bid for greater market presence, with the unveiling of a new advertising campaign set to tackle apathy towards super via Naked Communications.

With lost super in Australia nearing $20 billion, and many Australians having more than one super account, the issue is far from new.

Kinetic Super's integrated multi-channel campaign breaks the mould of traditional super advertising challenging 25-to-45-year-olds to 'get their super moving'. Using fresh talent, upbeat music and vibrantly coloured paint dust to symbolise movement and energy, the campaign sets out to be disruptive in a notoriously low-engagement category.

The campaign draws on the fund's brand name and inspires Australians to do something with their super.

Says Lynda Cavalera, Kinetic Super's marketing manager: "Tackling apathy towards super is not new on the agenda for many super funds, however the challenge is finding innovative ways to overcome it. We're encouraging people to bring the same energy they have for their life and career, to their super. We're all about keeping members connected to and engaged with their super no matter how or where they move through life.

"It is estimated that one-third of superannuation assets in 20 years will be held by people currently under the age of 30, yet competing priorities, like buying a house, travelling or starting a family, can overshadow their focus on super. Too often we see this lead to apathy towards super, which our campaign aims to overcome."

Says Tristan Graham, creative director of Naked Melbourne: "We're actively taking control of our lives, more than ever before; planning intense fitness regimes, working around the clock on our careers and improving our diets. This campaign aims to inspire Australians to apply some of this energy towards their superannuation."

Executed across TV and outdoor channels, the campaign features a strong digital and social media presence, including the #howwemove campaign, a social project that aims to capture how we move in every aspect of our lives.

Kinetic Superannuation
General Manager Marketing: Dzu Huynh
Marketing Manager: Lynda Cavalera
Online Manager: Pip Sutton
Brand & Corporate Communications Manager: Emily Johnson
Marketing Assistant: Felicity Grayling
Naked Communications
CEO: Carl Ratcliff
Managing Director, Melbourne: Tom Ward
Creative Director: Tristan Graham
Strategy Director: Andrew Reeves
Head of Design: Thomas Rennie
Account Director: Amanda Kramer
Producer: Mark Bradley
Integrated Producer: Andy Day
Head of PR: Catherine Donnelly
Digital - Evolution7
Creative Director: Mack Neville
Senior Designer: Warren Everard
Digital Production Manager: Catherine Young
Production/Post Production
Production Company: 8 Com
Director: Josh Frizzell
Producer: Annie Schutt
Post Production: The Butchery/Refinery
Editor: Jack Hutchings
Sound: Flagstaff Studios
Music: Dmitri Golovko

Media - MEC
Group Business Director: Troy Sokol
Media Executive: Tim Grady


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Fuck. We forgot the idea.

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Ohhhhhh, I get got it. Colours are like Super funds in that they... it.... well, you know.

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I thought it was another power company ad...

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