Melbourne brewery Barrow Boys Brewing Company launches new campaign via Sense

-1.jpgEvery creative agency wants a beer account, so when Sense was appointed as the advertising and marketing agency for Australia's newest brewery, the Barrow Boys Brewing Company, naturally the agency was delighted.

Barrow Boys is a small batch craft brewery based in Melbourne. Headed up by experienced brewers and beer marketers Justin Trail and Ash Hazell, Barrow Boys has launched with a full-flavoured beer called Stormy Lager. It is already available in some of Melbourne's best watering holes, including Easy Tiger, Casa Ciuccio, Section 8, Toff In Town and Bar Lourinha.

The primary focus for Sense will be promoting the brand, communicating to the trade and marketing to a beer-loving public. It is anticipated that online, point-of-sale and other ambient or experiential opportunities will be developed to get the name established.
-2.jpgSays David Whiteside, Sense director: "To an extent lovers of craft beer will always seek out new brands. The difference between trial and advocacy will come down to taste and the brand story. When people find Barrow Boys, they'll need to be won over by our points of difference on both levels. Otherwise they'll simply move on to the next brand in the fridge."

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