nuclei recruitment launches new infographic mapping the digital agency universe of Australia

australian-agency-star-chart-2014-900px.jpgStargazers of the media business will be interested in this graphic representation of the digital media universe in Australia. Produced by nuclei recruitment in Sydney, the infographic visually presents Australia's media landscape.

Says Dorota Dopierala, managing director of nuclei recruitment: "We adapted the idea from our UK partner, Neil's Recruitment, to create the Australian version of their Digital Agency Starchart for 2014."

Each leading Australian holding group is presented as a galaxy with its representative holding agencies as its stars. Independent agencies are presented as satellites and individual planets. 

Says Dopierala: "The agencies are either global and local and hail from the areas of digital media planning, search, data/tech, display, mobile, social media, which includes demand-side platforms and trading desks."

The infographic also gives a sense of the size of the large holding groups within the industry as a whole, as well as the scale and variety of agencies that make up Australia's core advertising industry.


KA said:

Pretty loose collection of agencies there... I'm sure they all claim they have 'digital at their core'

I used Foursquare once. said:

That's an extremely poor version of the English 'universe'.

Rec. said:

I gather a few digital/creative agencies may ask while they aren't there but it doesn't mention creative agencies as a part of the universe. For a boutique agency to come up with this, I think this is a pretty impressive effort. Can't please everyone, so well done nuclei recruitment.

Stargoogle said:

I think this might be the result of someone typing "Digital Agencies Australia" into google. No TBWA/DAN, no Isobar, and very few of the smaller creative shops.

Ha Ha... guess everyone better look at their seo or buy some google adwords - or better still ignore such a piece of shit and get back to playing FarmVille.

Alex said:

It "presents Australia's media landscape", not creative. it's a map of digital marketing companies. I think it's a great idea.

Bewildered said:

This is probably the most inaccurate map of the landscape I've seen. Probably based on who uses their services, which are as useful as the above map from experience with them.

Westy said:

Great Idea, Great Design and Great Execution. Don't know why all the negative comments on a piece like this. We should be supporting agencies who build content like this and encourage them.

Neil said:

Hi guys

We put this together with nuclei. It was based on some content we put together to map out the UK market (, but it's made with a different set of rules – partly for ease and speed and partly because it’s the comparison with the UK which we thought was interesting.

On the UK version, we aimed to show every company under the major groups to show the true scale of the market. On this one, we’ve just shown the agencies that are immediately relevant to the digital media market – those with a significant digital media presence, omitting the agencies which don’t conform, as well as agencies which are creatively-driven. It's not meant to be a definitive map of the market. You can see a comparison with the full UK chart here if you're interested

The original UK one started off in 2012 the same way as this one, spiralled out of control and grew from there over the years.

Hope that helps anyway!


Dorota said:

Thanks for the feedback everyone. It was our first attempt at mapping the Australian market and look forward to improving it. The chart shows digital marketing agencies which do performance marketing and media, we didn't include creative agencies. It's a complex project, so we had to follow some rules to make it manageable and comparable to Neil's chart.

We did our best to speak to every single company on the chart, but sometimes it wasn't possible. There's a lot of data so it's not impossible we've got something wrong, please let us know if anything needs correcting. For global agencies, we used their international founding date.

It's a good idea to include creative agencies in the next version, so please get in touch to help us to make it better next year.

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