Young creative duo Christina Mihaljevic and Via Tendon of HYPHEN aim to grab Sir Richard Branson's attention with #hireusrichardbranson

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.46.31 am.jpgYoung creatives Christina Mihaljevic and Via Tendon, known as HYPHEN, are attempting to grab the attention of Sir Richard Branson with the duo's new campaign #hireusrichardbranson.

Virgin Mobile Australia has just teamed up with Oz Harvest to create real meals for people out of Instagram posts. By using the hashtag #mealforameal, Virgin will deliver a meal to someone in need.

In comparison, HYPHEN thought up Instacurrency almost a year ago. By allowing thoughtfulness to flow into our daily activities, the concept was to have people Insta their food with #bankameal and have Foodbank Australia distribute meals to those who need it most.

Both HYPHEN and Virgin had the same idea and the duo is elated that Richard Branson has brought it to life.

Now, HYPHEN is aiming to pique his attention. They want to be involved in more ground-breaking, collaborative campaigns that are equal to the bright ones above.

HYPHEN is a fully hybrid art director-copywriter-strategist-suit- buyer duo.

Check HYPHEN out here.


The Acronymiser said:

Brilliant execution, even neat. Do one new execution.

Finally said:

I also had the idea for a phone with the internet when I got stoned at a party in 1999. Apple must have somehow gotten hold of that napkin I scribbled it on and brought it to life!

Next stop California, thanks HYPHEN!

Ask and you shall receive. said:

It worked for FBi.

No harm trying.

Lovely video.

kubistra said:

Yup, two brilliants young lady!!!

Dixie Norm said:

Get off the breakfast bongs Finally said, if you "got stoned at a party in 1990" I assume your uploading your comments from a nursing home using free Wi-Fi. Do not try and stifle the creative juices of the youth of today with comments which are nothing short of petulant!

In this biz you're never the first said:

I think this one has been in many creatives bottom draws for a while. I had one of my juniors proactively pitch the same idea to me in Aug 2012 (almost 2 years ago). The more impressive thing for these Hyphen kids to do would be to move on and make something better. Good luck.

Wait a min said:

Shouldn't this campaign be directed at Havas, not Virgin/Richard Branson? What kind of gig are you actually gunning for here?

Lesson one said:

It aint cool to claim you had the same idea after someone else has done it. Unless you can prove it was ripped off from you, STFU and do something awesome.

O said:


Lesson two said:

But DDB Spain had the idea OVER a year ago. Pot, kettle, black.

boo said:

i came up with an idea at ddb (in my first year in adland for Coles) in 2009 - that never got up - that won a cannes gold by an ad agency in south america 3 years later for a different supermarket. i got a little shitty. but learned a big lesson. we all have the same ideas and we're all as clever as one another. and most of all - that adland is professional gambling. it all comes down to luck. but yes - there's no point in 'me too' as a 'campaign' in itself.

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