AdStars increases cash prize money for next year from US$20,000 to US$200,000; rebrands as Busan International Creative Convention

AdStars4_P1080603.jpgAdStars has announced a major increase in the cash prizes being offered by the festival to the Grand Prix winners. The seven year old Festival, which concluded last week, currently has on offer US$20,000 cash awarded as two $10,000 prizes to the top Public Service Grand Prix and the top Product & Services Grand Prix.

From next year this will increase ten fold with a total of $200,000 in cash to be awarded.

Held for three days from Thursday, August 21 through Saturday, August 23, AdStars 2014 saw the attendance of advertising professionals and other visitors from all over the world before coming to a grand closing. In addition to the increased cash prizes other changes for next year's event were announced.
Firstly, addressing recent creative trends toward participation campaigns where contents are shared on mobile, SNS and other digital platforms, the Video Contents category will be added, and the event renamed the Busan International Creative Convention (BICC).

Furthermore, as a way of enhancing the potential for the event to grow into an advertising event of global stature, processing fees will be received for the works that make it to the final rounds, laying the groundwork for more prudent and authoritative judging processes.

On a separate note, the festival this year saw the entry of 12,591 works from 62 countries, 250 of which had the honor of winning awards.

This year's Grand Prix of the Year awards went to "Human Traffic Signs" for Shanghai General Motors by Lowe China in the Public Service category. Co-winners of the Grand Prize in the Products and Services category are "The Chase 360°" for Volvo Trucks by Forsman & Bodenfors from Sweden, and "Sound of Honda/Ayrton Senna 1989" for Honda Motors by Dentsu from Japan

In addition, TBWA won the Network Award of the Year, and Cheil Worldwide the Agency of the Year Award, which is given to an advertising company receiving the highest marks based on the awards won by it in the current year. The Advertiser of the Year Award was awarded to to Samsung Electronics.


The BICC next year will be held under the theme of 'Beyond' for three days from Thursday, August 20, 2015.


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If anyone wants to know why our industry is dying a slow painful death you need look no further than the first 3 articles in todays blog.
#1 - an article about how much money you can win at an award show
#2 - an article about a new award created by people who aren't even in the industry yet [talk about get 'em while they're young!]
#3 - an article about how you can enter a comp for one award show so can win a ticket to another award show
God help us!

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