AFL unveils 'Don't Go Quietly' campaign for 2014 Toyota AFL Finals Series via cummins&partners

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.01.03 am.jpgThe AFL has launched its advertising campaign for the 2014 Toyota AFL Finals Series 'Don't Go Quietly' via cummins&partners.

The campaign idea is a call to arms to the fans of the AFL to not only support their team as they enter the finals series, but to encourage them to go to the games and show their passion.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.01.17 am.jpgSays Julian Dunne, AFL head of brand and market insights: "The campaign is about celebrating the fans of our game and the role they play in supporting their teams and making our game what it is. We have incredibly loyal and passionate fans and the imagery used across the campaign is all real. The AFL Finals is the pinnacle event on the Australian sports calendar and we want fans to come along, with full voice and enjoy the best of our great game."

The campaign primarily focuses on the fans' passion. It sets out to parallel the experiences the fans go through with the experiences of their team, as they ride waves of emotion that accompany success and failure.

Says Jim Ingram, co-executive creative director at cummins&partners: "From inception to execution we are immensely proud of this work. These are not meant to be 'high gloss corporate style' ads, we wanted to go with something a little more authentic. Hopefully they feel a bit more raw and real.

"There are few things as enjoyable as going along to Finals footy and giving it your all. We wanted to capture and celebrate those intense feelings the fans (and we) have when supporting our teams at the game. It's all about the passion of the fan, 'Don't Go Quietly', is a call to arms - if you're going to go to the game, go, but 'Don't Go Quietly'."

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.01.54 am.jpgThe voice used in the ads may sound familiar to Australian Football fans as it belongs to three-time premiership player Jonathan Brown.

Says Brown: "When I read the script, it immediately resonated with me, it captured the feeling you get as a player and a fan. It's why players love to play at home and in front of big crowds. The fans make a real difference, you can feel it on the field, they can actually change the momentum of a game."

The campaign comes to life via loads of various TV edits, a few interactive experiences, print, and various content ideas.

Agency, cummins&partners
Co- ECD's, Jim Ingram and Ben Couz​e​ns (not Cousins)
Creative Director, Peter Doogie Chapman
Senior Art Director, Connor Beaver
Senior Art Director ​, Frank Trobbiani
Chief Strategy Officer, Adam Ferrier
MD, Chris Jeffares
Account Director, Sarah 'Beersy' Beer
​Agency TV Producer, Adele ​Pollitt

Production Partners
Pixel Kitchen
Risk ​Sound
Electric Dreams​


Please, make it go away quietly. said:

Pity the crowds didn't drown out yet another over-written, inwardly reflecting, boring manifesto ad.
So boring. Where are the new ideas? The sport manifesto? Give the great game of AFL some credit.
And it looks like the animatic was dispatched. Its not even NRL standard, sorry.

Lion said:

Nice. Whoever got that performance out of Browny deserves most of the credit.

I get it... said:

Quite simply a little boring.

Jack Russell said:

I liked Jonathon Brown's supposed quote in the presser. "Resonated".... please. Unless, of course, that's Browny speak for what happens on an end of season jaunt. "Blacky got resonated..."

Pen said:

Has an idea. Has craft. Has emotion. Done.

Don't go. said:

This is a disgrace for the great game of afl. It is boring, uninspiring, and falls flat. I'd go back to patts if this is what cummins are turning out.

Also, the overwhelming out take I get is "don't go".

I predict the worst finals crowds ever.

But cummins are on fire...

buddy said:

so boring.....

Well done said:

So painful to watch.

Cheap and Nasty said:

The writing is incredibly corny. Also thought the teasers I saw during the week looked horrible.

Zzzzzzzzz said:

Wow, that was a boring regurgitated shadow of a Nike Ad.

Served on a plate of tired stock images, familiar grades and cliched narration.

Lazy, stale work.

What happened to AFL, their ads used to be so good???

Ed said:

Wake me up when the finals are over!

If these ads are any indication, I'll be watching from home with a few beers and the 89 Grand Final on tape.

Sorry, but that's crap work guys. Doesn't do anything for the sport.

Cut from the same cloth said:

Basically the same ad as this effort by Cummins for the competitors sport.

Why would AFL want the same repetitive VO style ad, banging out an average end line for the duration of a one and a half minute ad??

It's dull as dish water and it is super lazy.

ASS said:


Fan said:

Love it. Fans drive AFL.

Old Hack said:

Exactly what I would have done back in the day.

Rooboy said:

Disappointing. Bring back Tim Rogers.

Disappointed said:

Why would you change agencies to do rubbish like this??

Was hoping for so much better.


Suicidal said:

Oh Jesus how can you do something so ,so lame against this brief?
Did anyone care?

Sealy said:

This has put me to sleep. What a shame.

Oh no said:

I've been waiting to find out why the AFL were so keen to change agencies, and they bring me this. Seriously? Beyond disappointing and so cringe worthy... I couldn't even make it to the end of the spot.

VFL Park said:

Said ECD Jim Ingram: "These are not meant to be 'high gloss corporate style' ads"

Ouch said:

Worst AFL ad ever.

Dear Jim Ingram said:

Please go back to the high gloss corporate style you bagged in your blurb, these are total rubbish, look cheap, sound dull and fail to entertain.

Browny said:

Fuck that was boring, boys. Just taking it one crap ad at a time.
Seems like 2 senior creatives and 3 CD's need to lift their work rate.

Kyles said:

Proof that repeated concussions give AFL players brain damage.
Why make Browny sound like a wanker?
Bloody hell the guy has won 3 premierships, a coleman medal, all-australians and has his face busted up countless times: let him be 'raw and real' instead of reading some crap ode to some horrible pictures.
Browny, you deserved better mate.

Agree with Rooboy said:

I'm not a massive Patts fan, but their work on AFL shits all over this, sorry.

The kid said:

Cringe!! This is awful.... just awful....

This ad will go quietly into oblivion said:

Wow sorry guys but yeah it's boring. Doesn't give you the crescendoing, pumped up, chest-about-to-burst feeling some of the older AFL work arouses. Which I reckon is kind of what you want for a finals ad. And it sort of looks and feels like an animatic... haha... not a fan.

Observer said:

Lots of strange stuff going on in the advertising lately.
Clients moving for shit work. Creative agencies losing business and pitches to what ends up being very dull campaigns.
Sorry to join the conversation but this is pretty bit shit boring for an exciting game.

agency should go very quietly said:

nothing to make a noise about here and no credits for writer says a lot

Bitter said:

Geez Patts how about you enjoy yr weekend instead of wasting yr time posting a bunch of negative comments. Don't be so bitter.

blues said:

execution aside, a campaign led with "DON'T GO"... as it's first line is a marketing debacle.

Hmmm said:

A lot of negative comments over the weekend?? I wonder who would be so motivated as to do this? Bitter much?

Stepped on a land mine said:

When your campaign idea centers on the words DONT GO and QUIETLY you are in all sorts of trouble.

Bring back Tim ROgers ACDC and the ads that pumped the finals up and made me want to go!!

To Bitter and Hmmm said:

Do decent work then no one will be bitter.
This stuff is bad. Clems and Patts worst is still miles better than this. If you work at Cummins you surely can't be proud of this.

motivated by recognising good advertising said:

Thats enough isn't it ?

question said:

If the work patts previously did was so great, why don't they have the project?

Adam Ferrier said:

Guys can you please stop playing silly buggers.

I am sure many of these comments come from a disgruntled band of people from one company.

boo said:

i'm not in the advertising game anymore. i keep an eye on the circus from a distance. it's not a great ad. but who cares. creativity can be used for better things than making an afl ad.

AFL said:

It's clearly the AFL here. Yes, it's not good. But I put the minimal budget they spent on this and bet that it's AFL's doing.

Dear Adam said:

It's crap work, people have a right to comment on it.

Make bad work and people will let you know, make great work and they'll lord you for it.

It's not always nice, but it's the truth.

Browny said:

Maybe I commented over the weekend, because I got the regular email from CB on Saturday.

And I am not a disgruntled person from that one company either.

Bull said:

Even I don't make shit like that.

Melbourne Creative said:

This is what happens when cummins & partners go into pitches with one very important point of difference: price...

Hence the pitch wins. Hense the shit quality productions.

First to the carpark said:

If this was a game I would have left early to beat the rush.
A very tough thing to watch.

And no, I'm not on any big-agency cheersquad - just someone who works at a small place who would have loved a crack at this.

d said:

While yes, I think this ad has a sense of insincerity and fake, cliché crescendo, it's probably getting more bagged than it should because Cummins hasn't really put a foot wrong yet until now. The agency has set a high bar. Emperors Clothes syndrome. Take the negativity as a compliment to all the other great work you guys are doing. You guys will get your mojo back.

Who said:

I think the client art directed this. And co-wrote it. And liked it.

Yawn said:

A really nicely crafted ad with a bit of an idea. What we see versus what we hear doesn't marry up at all. May as well be two separate ads.

Cummins or AJF? said:

Honestly, exactly what I expected! said:

I love my football,But this as has upset me,Dont go quietly Make a noise Do something
should I envisage Scenes of England football Watching the game played behind a cyclone fence unable to enjoy the game because of people who are going to the game just to make a noise!Do something? are you trying to incite a riot ?
Noise - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Noise means any unwanted sound. Noise is not necessarily random. Sounds, particularly loud ones, that disturb people or make it difficult to hear wanted ...
‎Noise (disambiguation) - ‎Noise music - ‎Background noise - ‎Noise pollution
Make a noise make a noise make a noise ,make a noise make a noise make a noise ,make a noise make a noise make a noise make a noise make a noise say this to yourself and I'm sure my message and common sense will fall into perspective,

NOISE definition wikipedia;means any unwanted sound

Hello AFL is anyone there on the ball,

Jezza said:

If my team played like this in the finals they'd lose by a hundred points. And if they were an EPL team they'd be relegated.

Malcolm said:

Everybody does shit stuff sometimes. Shame the account had to move for it though.

Tom G said:

Wow.. Unsurprisingly that really stinks and less surprisingly a cummins representative posts that the overwhelmingly negative reception on this site has been posted by the previous incumbent agency. Maybe just maybe, it's because the work is really SHIT

Forciblyfreelance said:

I'd just like to thank you CB for providing a forum for cowards like us to tell it like it is. When you don't have to disclose your identity, you can really let fly like the big dicked champion you are, without the fallout or ridicule that might occur if you did. So here's to us! Anonymous Ad legends! Let's take em' all down, one tough arsed comment at a time, from the safety of this toilet cubicle.

R said:

I liked it!

gezza said:

I watch lots of footy and had no idea what this campaign was about and where the ad has been aired? Had to look it up. And then I had to laugh as less than 40% of the crowd on Grand Final day will be club members. Want to make some noise? Seat club members together and let them actually attend rather than the bullshit corporates who couldn't give a toss who wins as long as the food and wine is good in the box. Seriously is this campaign a sick joke?

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