Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project launch global climate change campaign via GPY&R Syd

DGuqKLol6z7HB1gO-hSmbMs.jpg GPY&R Sydney has been appointed by former U.S. VP Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project on a global campaign that puts pressure on world leaders, through their citizens, to commit to meaningful carbon emission reductions.

Led by Andrew Dowling, Lucielle Vardy, newly appointed executive creative directors Bart Pawlak and David Joubert, and Y&R New York's David Sharrod, the GPY&R Sydney team presented the campaign to Mr. Gore and his team at The Climate Reality Project, as well as the Climate Change and Communications Groups at the United Nations.

DGuqKLol6z7HB1gO-L8rp96-1.jpgThe process, under the direction of WPP group planning director Jon Steel and worldwide creative director John O'Keeffe, invited five WPP agencies from all over the globe to present their response to the brief.

The successful campaign created by GPY&R and the WPP DGuqKLol6z7HB1gO-8aFimn-2.jpgagencies is activated in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Philippines, South Africa and the USA. It urges people to ask their leaders two important questions to make a positive difference for the future of the planet: 'Why?' and 'Why Not?'

Says Dowling: "In any DGuqKLol6z7HB1gO-gsutiY-3.jpglanguage across the world, children ask why and why not from a very young age, over and over again. They ask the first to try to understand the world, and the second when they want to change that world.

"We want people of all ages to continue to ask these questions of their elected representatives to help highlight the problem in the current approach to climate change, and the future solutions we should be sanctioning now."

Full-service public relations agency PPR Australia has been appointed as the lead agency to support the global launch and rollout of the campaign.

Says Richard Lazar, managing director of PPR: "This campaign is hard-hitting and emotive and we're really excited to have been asked to manage this global activation and launch from Australia. In line with the digital focus of the wider communications campaign, we'll be using our new unique video distribution platform, Point Shoot Send (PSS), to distribute the campaign launch content, featuring Mr. Gore, to the global media."

The campaign is a cohesive, multidisciplinary effort, delivered by eight individual WPP agencies and affiliates from different geographies and disciplines (strategic planning, advertising, media investment management, digital communications, public relations & public affairs and youth marketing) supporting the launch and rollout of the campaign. The agencies are: GPY&R Sydney; JWT; Maxus; The Futures Company; PPR Australia; The Glover Park Group; Blue State Digital; and affiliate company VICE.

Says Jon Steel, group planning director at WPP: "We are delighted to be able to work with Mr. Gore in addressing the most important issue facing our planet. Our aim is to frame the problem in a simple, personal way, and to convince people that we cannot leave this to future generations to solve. Climate change is already affecting millions of people, and I, for one, don't ever want to look my children and grandchildren in the eye and admit that I knew, and did nothing. Unlike most previous campaigns, ours has an optimistic tone. The majority of people want to solve this problem, but don't know how. The 'Why Not?' part of our campaign suggests how it can be done."

The creative will appear digitally in Australia, Brazil, India, Philippines, South Africa and the USA; with some executions tailored to individual nations.

The campaign invites children from around the world to represent their generation in a video. The creators of the six best submissions will be flown to New York to attend the Climate Summit on 23rd September and be part of a multimedia presentation to world leaders calling for action and ambition on climate change.

Says Joubert: "We wanted to give the younger generation a voice in this debate. It will be our children and grandchildren who will see the most extreme effects of our leaders' inaction on climate change, yet they have no voice in the legislative process and the most to lose if we do not act quickly and decisively."

The campaign will continue to build momentum leading up to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change's 21st Conference of the Parties in Paris in December 2015, with the aim of creating overwhelming public support for a global agreement on greenhouse gas reductions and climate action.

Says Pawlak: "It's not every day you come to work and present to the likes of former U.S. Vice President Al Gore about a campaign that can make a real difference in the world. To say we are excited is an understatement."


Erasmus said:

Al Gore? Really? The bloke who has made himself a billionaire spreading the global warming gospel but has a bigger personal CO2 footprint than some small countries? The man who stood up next to Clive Palmer and showed he was clueless? The man who made millions selling his cable channel to a company owned by a massive oil producing country? Great client. Great man to follow. What a joke.

Desiderius said:

Er...okay. So, because Al Gore has a carbon footprint, let's all feel justified in doing nothing. What a cynical knob.

Why Not? said:

Great work guys.

jan freed said:

Shoot the messenger?

Solutions to climate change would add trillions to global GDP The sun and wind are free.

The fossil fuel companies, however, with their billion dollar disinfo campaign and bought pols, have their conservative minions tied up into knots. And these marks will pay the price along with everyone else.

Thomas said:

Nice work guys - big ups indeed.

Eugene Taljaard said:

Well done! This is not the time to look at the negatives of the past. It is the time to learn from past ignorance and mistakes made to ensure that they do not re-occur and to take positive action to safeguard the future!

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