Arnold Furnace to build crowdsourced bar to celebrate Jack Daniel's September-long birthday

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 7.38.41 am.jpgThis September, Arnold Furnace wants to celebrate Mr Jack Daniel's birthday in style, and in turn give his friends a gift they definitely won't forget.

Because no-one knows his exact date of birth, (Mr) Jack's birthday is always celebrated for the whole of September. This year involves an ambitious project in "The Bar That Jack Built" - the world's first crowd sourced bar built entirely from the love of Jack Daniel's, by fans.

The campaign is being run through social media and kicks off today with a recruitment shout-out to all Jack Daniel's Facebook fans in NSW. They are being asked to donate materials, time, expertise and ideas in reward for Jack Daniel's product and merchandise. The more they give, the more they get with the biggest contributors getting tickets to the grand opening on September 27th. From the carpenters, elecricians and designers who put the bar together, to the artists and musicians who perform on the night, every person's contribution will be because they're a fan of Jack Daniel's.  Especially since everyone that participates will be rewarded with Jack Daniel's product.

Says Tom Spicer, ECD Arnold Furnace: "There aren't many brands that inspire such levels of enthusiasm and loyalty from their fans as Jack Daniel's. With The Bar That Jack Built we're out to quantify that love and build something tangible out of it in the form of a living breathing bar."

Says Nora-Kate O'Connell, brand manager, Jack Daniel's: "By asking our friends of the brand to participate in the creation of a Jack Daniel's bar we are encouraging them to become a part of the brand and show us their true character.  We are extremely passionate about this campaign which gives the brand a chance to give back to the friends who have given us so much over the years.  Here's to raising a Jack to Jack this September."

Agency: Arnold Furnace
ECD - Tom Spicer
Creatives - Luke Duggan and Cameron Brown
Client Services Director - Michael Stevenson
GAD - Ian Hartley
Senior Account Manager - Natalia Kowalczyk
TV Production - Melissa Petryszyn
Production - Bridget Brice

Agency Partners:
Nigel Hickey, Head of Experiential - Red Agency

Nora-Kate O'Connell, Brand Manager - Jack Daniel's Family of Brands


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