Asahi launches integrated campaign to promote Super Dry via cummins&partners, Melbourne

ASAHI-CUMMINS.jpgAsahi has launched a major integrated campaign to promote Asahi Super Dry via agency cummins&partners, Melbourne.

The spot tells a reverse Cinderella story of a woman's quest to find the man who drinks Asahi.



not bad said:

I can see what they were trying to do

not good either said:

Most interesting bit was they left the lids on the beer through the entire commercial, which means she must have smuggled them in with her handbag.

Jim said:

Dead set terrible.

Oh no! said:

That's a beer i really liked, until this formulaic dross ad!!

Please take it off air before the beer becomes another 'me to' brand.

80's ad guy said:

Now that what i call advertising. Chic's, short skirts and beer.

Lets hope the 80's never ends so we can keep thinking up crap ads like this before lunch, then head to the pub!

Sad said:

Cummins really are doing lazy work. Guys, please lift this isn't good enough.

2/10 said:

Great beer, terrible ad.

Nice said:

Like it or not this will move beers.

realist said:

No, Nice, it won't. So daggy.

at Nice said:

More likely it will move agencies.

Reg said:

Works for me.

Oh dear said:

A guy will drink a mug of his own bathwater if a suitably attractive girl offers it to him in a club, so this isn't saying much about anything.

Also, why am I on here at 10 on a Sunday night? When did my life get so sad?

Also, I'm drunk.

What a shame said:

There's nothing Japanese about this, which is probably the best brief you could ever be given.

Again said:

Cummins are really good at making bad ads.

Deja Vu said:

Who is James Boags?

Hate to be hater but... said:

That is a bona fide stinker.

Sean Cummins said:

I am not sure who all these commentators are. And clearly you wont put their names to your thoughts.

But we are neither a lazy agency, nor are we an award hungry agency. We are here to serve the exact needs of the clients we are proud to work with.

And we are very happy with the platform we have created for this fantastic brand.

I would suggest to check back in with us and the brand in twelve months time and see how things are going.

As much as I thrive on the hatred metered out , I would suggest the industry would be a nicer place if it acted a little more grown up.

For the record..I wrote this line and stand by it.


Writer said:

So sexist. Imagine the news if the situation was the other way around??

Wow said:

Their ads for Woodstock bourbon are more classy than for Asahi. Do they realise that Woodstock is a bourbon for bogans and Asahi is a badge beer that will only continue to be successful is people continue to aspire to it. It's like bizarro world.

crap party said:

crap party & poorly done.

memories said:

looks like someone hasn't been 'out there' since the 90's...but thanks for the trip down memory lane

Disappointed said:

Pretentious with little understanding of what will sell a great beer.

tampon said:

It started off good, the music works nice. However, im left feeling a bit raped. How the hell do i get 30 seconds of my life back? More pretentious dross from CR.

Anonymous said:

It's a crap line and a crap position. Sorry, but it is. It just feels so lame and like an eleventh-hour thought. And questions always open up the opportunity for a negative response. If I even thought about taking this to my CD I'd be laughed out of the office. But I wouldn't be that stupid. The only reason the client bought it is that they were no doubt told, just as we now have been, that "_ wrote it"... Oh, well then, in that case we'll go with that one - idea number 3. After all, _ is what we're here for.

I'm not Asahi, so I'll never drink it again.

woman hear me roar said:

love it, great idea. beautifully directed. don't find it sexist at all.

@woman hear me roar said:

Get off the Orchy bottles

psdanous said:

is the girl stana katic?

carnivore said:

Just saw this ad in n.z.
What a load of stereotypical b.s
It is depressing that Australia is following the U.S in producing rubbish that is aimed so obviously at the lowest common denominator. Used to like thus beer. Wont buy it now. Whoever came up with this drivel needs a creativity transplant.

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