Boundary Road Brewery commissions NZ's first Beer Census via Barnes, Catmur & Friends

65127_BRBPR7141ABRBBeerCe[BAAFO0].jpgEvery few years, the Government unleashes a census on the unsuspecting public of New Zealand. They ask all about their name, ethnicities and favourite brand of wallpaper adhesive, but sadly they never ask the questions that matter.

Boundary Road Brewery has sought to correct this oversight, so through its agency Barnes, Catmur & Friends it has commissioned the country's first Beer Census. Through print and online, people have been asked to give their opinions on all things beer, because their views matter. Not a lot, but definitely a bit.


Agency: Barnes, Catmur & Friends
Managing Partner - Creative: Paul Catmur
Managing Partner - Strategy: Daniel Barnes
Head of Account Service: Luke Farmer
Senior Account Manager: Nicholas Gallagher
Creative: Rob Longuet-Higgins
Creative: Rob Cook
Head of Digital: Greg Elisara
Digital Developer: Dylan Scott
Studio Finished Art: Alison Curtis
Head of Media: Monica Wales
Media Buyer: Tara Pilisi

Client: Boundary Road Brewery
General Marketing Manager: Adam Maxwell
Marketing Manager - Beer: Ben Shaw

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