Brownes Chill teams up with Instagram users in new stop-motion video celebrating all things WA

Fotor0804123059.jpgBrownes Dairy has launched an Australian-first marketing concept using images of Western Australia generated by social media followers to create a unique stop-motion video celebrating life in the West.

As part of Brownes' #THATSSOWA campaign, social media users across the State were invited to submit images encapsulating life in WA. The images were posted to Brownes Chill's Instagram account and used to produce an innovative new clip showcasing everything it means to be West Australian.

The YouTube video marks the culmination of the #THATSSOWA campaign.

Brownes Managing Director Ben Purcell hailed the #THATSSOWA campaign as a resounding success and said Brownes would continue to pursue innovative and creative marketing concepts that engaged with the wider public.

"The concept behind the campaign was about interacting with the wider public to discover what being West Australian really means to the people who live here," Mr Purcell said.

"The response we received was really positive and it goes to show just how passionate people are about their state and about preserving an identity that is uniquely West Australian.

"Everyone at Brownes lives and works in WA and we know what a fantastic place it is to call home. So rather than simply advertising our products, we want to use our standing as WA's oldest and largest dairy to celebrate our wonderful State and its people through unique and innovative marketing concepts."

Agency: Hatchd Digital


E said:

This is so original.

Er said:

Seeing Double. No, no it is completely different. This campaign has two circles in every shot. That's what makes it original, as E points out

Er what? said:

Same idea, i think E was being ironic, regardless of it having been or not having been done before, it's irrelevant as it's pretty ordinary anyway.

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