Bundaberg Brewed Drinks celebrates dads of the 70s, 80s this Father's Day in latest spot via BCM

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.31.16 am.jpgBCM Brisbane has created a nostalgic video for Bundaberg Brewed Drinks to celebrate the dads of the '70s and '80s this Father's Day.

The dedicated video tribute, shot on locations around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, fondly remembers the days when dads tackled everyday tasks with reckless abandon. It forms part of a broader social campaign which encourages fans to share photos of their own Old School Dads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the lead-up to Father's Day, for a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize and personalised Bundaberg Brewed Ginger Beers.

"We wanted to tap into the growing trend of people sharing vintage pictures of their parents on significant occasions," says Paul Cornwell, BCM managing director. "Father's Day is often overlooked in the marketing calendar, so we set out to create a compelling campaign to celebrate the fathers we grew up with."

Adds John McLean, CEO of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks: "We felt Dads deserved a proper tribute this Father's Day and this video is guaranteed to take you on a laughter-filled trip down memory lane. Having been brewing for generations, we take time to do things the traditional way. A celebration of the Old School Dads therefore felt like the perfect platform for us to help communicate our brand story."

Agency: BCM, Brisbane
Creative Director: Peter Goodall
Writer: Nick Ikonomou
Art Director: Steve Schollum
Agency Producers: Shane Ford and Hannah Perry
Account Service: Paul Cornwell, Tim Higginson, Gemma Boucher, Sarah Fitzpatrick
Director: Gerard Lambkin
Producer: Damion Tiernan
Production Company: Cartel Film Production
Post Production: Alt Vfx
Music: Ack Kinmonth
Sound: Cutting Edge


queenslander said:

That is bloody brilliant - that's my dad to a T
except he wouldn't be drinking Bundy brews without a good slug of bunny rum in them.

dude said:

Some really great ass shots in this one guys, nearly as good as the new Nicki Minaj video.

Goldie said:

Haha classic.
I'm having 80's flashbacks of my Dad.
Good work.

Mac said:

On first watch I hated it. Now I kind of like it. The promo's good too - I've got some classic old bearded dad photos lying around somewhere.

Thommo said:

Nice work chaps.

Did that Ice Bucket do some damage? said:

"Father's Day is often overlooked in the marketing calendar" - riiiiiiiight.

L&P said:

World famous in New Zealand since ages ago.

Kat said:

It's so accurate it's disturbing...love it though :)
Great job everyone.

Nuke said:

nice spot u lot...VB meets the Wonder Years...why not?

A cynical suit said:

Expected this to be lame, left me with a grin from ear to ear.

Yup said:

Yeah, I liked it.

What said:

What was that supposed to be? Yet another celebration of the illiterate misogynist bogan? But without any sort of edge or angle?

Men in underwear. Not exactly the stuff of genius is it.

What What said:

I'd compliment you on the phrase 'illiterate misogynist bogan', but I don't know what that means. Bloody nice ad but, hey. Bloke in the backyard looks just like my Dad. He had no edge or angle. good job

Mad dog said:

What bunch of mad dogs.

M.Knight said:

Nicely written. It looks just the way I remember it, too... right down to that beautiful dried out, brown Queensland grass. Well done guys.

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