Business Insider includes Aussie expat + JWT NY ECD Sarah Barclay in Most Creative Women list

26-sarah-barclay-executive-creative-director-at-jwt-ny.jpgUS magazine Business Insider has released an article ranking the 36 Most Creative Women in Advertising Right Now.

The list includes Australian expat Sarah Barclay, executive creative director at JWT New York.

Barclay was number 26 on the list.

The article commends Barclay on approaching her creative work with a great sense of humour.

Barclay's Banana Boat "Defy The Sun" spots humorously illustrate, to men, the importance of wearing sunscreen. The "Pool' spot has over 1.5 million YouTube views.

In the past, she launched "Litter Genie," a Diaper Genie product spin-off to dispose of cat litter. Barclay and her team came up with a series of cat-filled music videos that also demonstrated how the product works.


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