Career meets beer in a new recruiting/speed dating mash-up; places limited, book now

CareerBeer_Diagram.jpgA new speed recruiting event has launched called CareerBeer, a juxtaposition of speed dating and a cosy night at your local.

Recruitment is about people and CareerBeer brings the people to the jobs or the jobs to the people, via a beer (or wine or soft drink of your choice).
Says Thomas Werner, creative director and brainchild of the CareerBeer idea: "It's a novel proposition, and a first in Australia. CareerBeer Speed Recruiting brings people together to discuss career opportunities outside the corporate setting and without interrupting normal working hours. First impressions are personal and instant, and with so many of us in the creative industries enjoying the pub format to relax and meet fellow like-minded souls it just makes sense."

Much like the speed dating format, participants get to meet a different person every few minutes while having a drink in the comfort of a local pub.

Instead of charging commission or ongoing fees, CareerBeer is based on booking fees for events, which include free drinks for attendees. Each event is aimed roughly at a job level and type, such as creative/art direction - mid to senior level, so that job seekers and recruiters alike can be sure they are fishing in the right pond.

Says Werner, after experiencing the process from both sides: "Looking for work or trying to hire someone, I wasted so much time online - signing up to websites, filling out profiles, researching, responding to emails etc. But recruiting is a people business. While having a beer with a mate I thought, why can't it be more like this - sitting down in a nice pub, having a quick chat and a drink, and sort out the rest afterwards?"

And CareerBeer was born - each 'cheers' a chance to make a great connection, and maybe something even more significant.

Places are limited to each event, so book early to avoid disappointment:


Edwin said:

Will be awesome!

Ummmm... said:

Nice poster and name n all, but don't you think it could get a could get a tad awkward if your current employer finds out you're out looking, or worse, you see him / her at the event replacing you?

macca said:

Great idea, gives good eggs with life experience a chance at not getting the delete button clicked on them. Saves being in those stuffy corporate environments and saves recruiters bags of time. Nice

Dan O'C said:

That poster is briliant.

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