CIA (Chicks In Advertising) holds inaugural 'Ladies Who Lunch' get-together in Sydney

CIA lunch.jpgThe CIA (Chicks In Advertising) held its 'ladies who lunch' get-together at Watts on Crown in Surry Hills Sydney last Thursday with a great mix of agency and production folk in attendance.

Hosted as an informal and fun way for women in advertising to make new alliances, connect with contacts, and catch up to discuss the latest issues affecting their industry, CIA hopes to bring together valued colleagues across adland in a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere.
CIA1.jpgFounded by Nylon Studios executive producer Karla Henwood, CIA was formed out of a desire to have more networking opportunities for women from agency and production backgrounds.

Says Henwood: "It's really lovely to get together with a whole bunch of super talented ladies in the industry. It's great to set aside CIA2.jpgsome time to celebrate our achievements and to support each other on the ride."

Says Lara Allen, one of the event organisers and producer at Resolution Design: "The CIA group is open to all of our colleagues in adland, as an opportunity to build connections with like-minded women and catch up with industry friends. We hope to offer fun and inspiring CIA3.jpgevents on a monthly basis, and welcome any contributions via our Facebook page."

List of Attendees:

Karla Henwood - Nylon Studios
Lara Allen - Resolution Design
Jess Belgiovane - BWM
Abby Hunt - BWM
Jess Boyd - Droga 5
Jade Rodriguez - The Monkeys
Kristy Fransen - Whybin TBWA
Belinda Dean - Photoplay
Suzanne Kim - Photoplay
Samantha Daley - Cutting Edge
Katrina Maw - AJF Partnership
Susie Douglas - Film Motel
Susan Walker - The Colony
Larissa Meikle - Catfish Media
Elise Lindsay - Nylon Studios

To join CIA, like the facebook page here:

For more info email or

LinkedIn page can be found here:


robdub said:

Do they need a bloke t come along and pay?

Andyross said:

@robdub – What a dumb sexist comment. Tool.

fMBC 3rd said:

@robdub - congratulations on being a first class f*ckwit.

Jim said:

I know this lunch is meant to be rallying against an inherently male dominated industry, but I can only imagine the comments if this was the " BIA (Blokes In Advertising)" holding its "Gentlemen who lunch get-together"! Just a thought, but surely this kind of affair only serves to perpetuate the divide? Oh, and @robdub, you're a fuckwit.

heather said:

How can I join?

Anonymous said:

To join like the facebook page For more info email or

hello boys! said:

Susie Douglas. Mort would be proud!

Femo said:


I don't think it requires much imagination to visualise a Blokes in Advertising event...

I'm not sure when the last time you went to an industry lunch was, but they're all BIA events. That's the point I think. That this fact eluded you is the exact issue and why these events are required. We leap to their defense when someone is rude to them (first comment) but can't see the whole system is rude to them.

Just a thought said:


I think it's a bit like this by Aamer Rahman:

Nailed it said:

Well said, Femo.

Jim said:

@femo, the current male dominated state-of-play in our industry has not eluded me. I'm all too aware that there are not enough women in all aspects of advertising and frankly it has a very negative effect on the industry as a whole. My point is, in case you missed it, that having a "chicks" lunch only serves to perpetuate the culture of "them and us". This is a fundamental issue that needs fundamentally addressing and my question was simply is this the best way. I'm all for ladies' luncheons, I'm also all for genuine initiatives that redress the gender balance within the workplace. Why do so few women make it through award school, how can we help women back into advertising after having kids, what can we do to stamp out the inherent sexism of the boomer generation? Or maybe I'm just a bloke.

Adland at its best said:

Jim is the one who has nailed it.

This definitely perpetuates the divide and I'm sure there are many women in advertising cringing right now. Actually, there's a very talented woman beside me who can't bare these kind of events.

This event makes you look like victims. While you're all discussing the 'issues', there are women out there just doing it.

Jeeeeezus said:

I'm a chick in this industry.
I don't feel out numbered.
I feel empower.
I didn't go to the lunch, but looks to me like its just a networking event.
The fact that its caused quite a stir is were I get confused... Are men that threatened that the women maybe rallying together... ?
Get over it boys... And have a drink for me chicks!

Chill Out Adland at its best said:

Adland at its best - calm your jets and breathe some fresh air. You clearly take things far too seriously. These chicks look like 'victims' ? Why? Because they are eating lunch and chatting and networking? Who cares if your equally serious female friend is cringing - both of you should stop over-analysing things.

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