launches in Aussie market with new spot via The Magnificent Itch

Compare_Comp_01_Car.jpgNew comparison website has officially launched in the Australian car insurance market with its animated campaign "Find insurance the smart way".
Compare Insurance engaged the award winning animators at The Magnificent Itch to deliver an upbeat campaign that Australians will remember.

Says Natalie Ball, director, "We are entering a competitive market with big players that plough through vast sums of money advertising their brands and needed to be clever about our marketing. When you tell a story visually, people remember it. Animation is a great way of explaining how things work and was the perfect choice for Compare Insurance to demonstrate their services to customers."
The animation has insurance expert 'Colin Compare' navigating his way around the Compare Insurance website, getting quotes and reading customer reviews, all while being teased by pesky robotic arms. The animation was created in 3D, but made to look like 2D to match the hand-drawn style of the branding.
Says Stefan Wernik, director, The Magnificent Itch: ''We love bringing characters to life and Colin really let us push the cartoony aspects."

The commercial was directed by Guy Jamieson and Wernik and will be shown across the web.
Directors: Guy Jamieson and Stefan Wernik
Producer: Lisa Madden
Modelling and Rigging - Jordan McInnes
Animation - David Parle and Matt Diks
Modelling: Tristan Lock
Music - Stephen Frost


Hmm. said:

iSelect it ain't.

Timonthy said:

Thank god it's not iSelect. That guy, and those ads are so annoying.

Silver Fox said:

Nice work Magnificent Itch. Great animation and love the catchy jingle. Who did that?

Justin said:

Clearly not the budget of iSelect, but the ad is memorable. It’s stuck in my head already. “It’s as easy as can be to find the right policy at……Compaaaaarrre Insurance.”

Sandy Buckland said:

Love it! Catchy and informative

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