cummins&partners' Sean Cummins accepts #IceBucketChallenge in Times Square; challenges Rob Morgan, Adam Ferrier + Andrew McEvoy

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 8.19.48 amm.jpgcummins&partners CEO Sean Cummins has accepted the #IceBucketChallenge in the heart of Times Square, New York, prompted by BCM's Paul Cornwell and Kevin Moreland who accepted the challenge last week.

Cummins has donated $1000 from his agency to Motor Neurone research and has challenged Rob Morgan (Clemenger), his partner Adam Ferrier, and Andrew McEvoy (Fairfax).



MZ said:

Even with 2 buckets of ice water on him he looks hot!

Plenty would have paid that amount for it to happen...... said:

It is in the mid 30's in ny currently so I think Sean has the unfair advantage.
Great intentions either way, and a nice donation.

Let's see if all agency can do this and the multi nationals triple rate - ha

PC @ BCM said:

On ya Sean.

MZ said:

Perhaps the 'plenty' that would have paid for that to happen should, it's a great cause.

On ya said:

Nice! Rob?.....

jennharro said:

Great to see you are getting into the New York spirit here in the apple!

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