Digital Jungle says 90% of OZ + NZ businesses missing out on Chinese advertising opportunities

2cd1977.jpgDigital Jungle has set out to help Australian and New Zealand businesses reach an affluent Chinese speaking target market through Chinese search engines, social media and online advertising.

Says Dr. Mathew McDougall, Digital Jungle, founder and CEO: "There are nearly 170,000 Chinese people in Sydney and 120,000 in Auckland and they're waiting to be spoken to fluently by local companies and brands."

Digital Jungle is a specialised digital marketing agency, providing services and technologies that enable Western brands to target Chinese customers.
Says McDougall: "Digital Jungle is the first specialist International marketing agency in the Australian and New Zealand markets with the sole mission of bridging the gap between East and West. There are almost one and a half billion people in China and we're geared towards companies who want to be the early movers in this market. Our services are receiving a lot of attention from sectors like tourism, education and property, all of which are looking towards Chinese consumers to driving new sales and revenues. However, many companies are inexperienced in the particulars of Chinese marketing and often fail to understand that word-for-word translation will need to be customised and localised, applied to appropriate Chinese platforms whilst conforming to Chinese Government regulations.

"In addition, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland's Chinatown are some of the largest in the Western Hemisphere. There are significant populations of Chinese people in Australia and New Zealand and they're waiting to be spoken to fluently by local Aussie and Kiwi brands. We see great potential here - we estimate that almost 90% of companies are unaware of how to correctly market to a Chinese speaking demographic."

Digital Jungle has proven its model is a successful one. After only three years, the Beijing and Shanghai offices can boast working with some of the worlds leading Western brands such as Bentley Motors, Reckitt Benckiser and Global Blue to name a few.

Says McDougall: "Last year we secured some new clients in this region and this lead the Agency to make investments and open new offices in Sydney and Auckland to support our Australasian clients."

Digital Jungle is offering Chinese marketing services such as building Chinese language websites and digital promotions in platforms like Weibo (Chinese Twitter), Baidu (Chinese search engine), Youku (Chinese YouTube) and WeChat (Chinese WhatsApp), along with Chinese ads in English platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook and YouTube.

Digital Jungle has also developed powerful new technology for undertaking social media network analysis. The resulting reports provide advertisers with deep consumer insights and understanding.

Says McDougall: "It is fantastic to see our clients reaction to the visual representations of their online social networks and the modelling of the topics, conversations and participants within their digital ecosystem. Our reports bring a new level of sophistication to the strategies we can now use to engage people online and develop competitive or reputational strategies."

It's a race for English-speaking brands to build their Chinese presence first.

Continues McDougall: "In only a couple of years from now the Chinese advertising market will be flooded. It's important for businesses to connect with their target audience -- and grab market share -- before the competition does."

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