Dr. Oogle and GHG remind Aussies to only talk to the experts when it comes to health in new spot

Dr Oogle montage.jpgDr. Oogle has returned in a new spot to promote ghg as the experts when it comes to managing the health and wellbeing of brands.

Recently Dr. Oogle has been tackling some of the Internet's most sensitive topics such as Psoriasis to Urinary Tract Infection and PMS, Dr. Oogle's unique brand of "DIYAGNOSIS" has left few in doubt that when it comes to healthcare, "you don't want to get it wrong".

ghg introduced Dr. Oogle to spark dialogue between healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies and communications agencies.

A specialist healthcare advertising agency in its own right, ghg mixes sciency nerds who have medical degrees with right-brainers who make serious messages seriously creative.

Creative Director: Tim Brierley
Copywriter: Martin Greguric
Art Director: Nick Brown
Production Company: Filmgraphics Entertainment
Director: Adam Blaiklock
Producer: Tracey-Lee Permall
Editor: Jess Lund
Sound Design: Andrew Stevenson
Sound: We Love Jam


Weak said:

great brief they would have had however I think it's just so boring and unfunny.

Same joke again and again. These could have been really strong had the writing been better.


The science behind being funny said:

Maybe those science nerds need to explain to the creatives the difference between being truly witty and smelly cheesy. Embarrassing.

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