Evocca College launches new integrated branding campaign via Engine Group

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.30.24 am.jpgEngine Group, Brisbane has launched Evocca College's new branding campaign that sets it apart in the cluttered educational market.

The campaign spans television, cinema, radio, outdoor, digital and social and uses inspirational images and messages to inspire the audience to strive for something better.

Evocca College is Australia's leading RTO with 27 Colleges across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and with 12 more opening before the end of 2014. 
Engine's challenge was to develop a branding campaign that demonstrated that Evocca was a leader for vocational education in Australia while capturing Evocca's unique difference.
Creative team Kory McAvoy and Merrin McCormick took on this challenge and have developed this category defining campaign.

McAvoy said they wanted to be different in the educational marketplace and set about creating moments of inspiration in cluttered environments.

Says McAvoy: "We wanted to create an opportunity to collaborate with our production partners as we brought the campaign to life in two phases.

"The TV commercials in the first phase capture 'launch' moments to communicate the exhilaration you feel when you see things from a new perspective and suddenly see a new world of possibility. Evocca believes that anyone can transform their lives through education, so our goal was to use simple and beautiful words and imagery to impart this message to our audience.
"In the second phase of our campaign, we emphasised the role Evocca College can play in supporting a student's transformation with a focus on Evocca's unique approach to education."

McCormick said the audience needed a delicate approach to acknowledge that fear and self-doubt are barriers to participating in further education, while still planting the seed for change and opening the audience's minds.
Says McCormick: "Extensive market research and student research across Australia led us to recognise 'fear' as our major enemy.

"It was our job to inspire people to put their fears behind them and reconsider what might be possible.
"We were incredibly fortunate to work with Israel Rivera (Taxi) for our TV and print executions, and Davros (Cartel) to tell the genuinely inspiring stories of Evocca students through a series of online videos."

In addition to the above the line campaign elements a suite of inspirational videos were developed to support Evocca's digital and social presence.

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