Fashion icons 'hungry like the wolf' in Westfield's new Spring Summer campaign via Baker Brand

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 8.39.07 am.jpgGiuliana Rancic has returned in Westfield's new spring/summer campaign via Baker Brand, alongside some of Australia's leading fashion icons.

The spot shows the fashion icons sharing their Spring Summer most hunted fashion items with help from Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like the Wolf.'

Final shot.jpgThe campaign taps into the thrill of the fashion hunt - spying the perfect dress or lusting over a great pair of shoes or a handbag, before tracking it down and finally taking it home. With the plethora of fashion options both in-centre or online, Westfield truly is the perfect fashion hunting ground this Spring/Summer.

Accompanying Rancic on his first visit to Australia is her fashionable husband, Bill Rancic. The video includes models Bambi Northwood-Blythe and Grace Simmons, model twins Zac and Jordan Stenmark, Westfield Miranda ambassador Cheyenne Tozzi, DJ/ designer/entrepreneur Dan Single, cosmetics entrepreneur and model Lindy Klim, New York based stylist Ilona Hamer, Designer Dion Lee, designer Carla Zampatti and Margaret Zhang, founder of fashion blog Shine By Three.

Says Sarah Cleggett, general manager marketing at Scentre Group: "With the largest range of fashion retailers across our 39 centres in Australia and at, there is no doubt that Westfield is the ultimate fashion hunting ground.
"This season we are excited to be working with Giuliana Rancic again. Along with Bill and our 11 local fashion influencers, Giuliana will help inspire our shoppers this Spring/Summer with her most hunted items from our retailers."

The Westfield Spring/Summer campaign includes:
Giuliana and Bill Rancic tour of Westfield centres
Westfield style ambassador Rancic together with husband Bill Rancic, will make public appearances at Westfield shopping centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth from late September.
Client: Scentre Group
Agency, PR and Social: One Green Bean
Agency, PR (Premium centres): Baker Brand
Agency, media: IKON
Agency, creative: Moon
Fashion video production credits:
Agency, creative: Baker Brand
Creative Director: Al Weekes
Producer: Cat Rose
Director: Chris Ferguson
DOP: Sydney - Peter Eastgate. LA - Tim Hudson
Key Grip: Justin Sykes
Hair Director: Michelle McQuillan
Make Up Director: Victoria Baron
Music: Duran Duran


Jazz said:


Ouch said:

What they saved on in models and makeup definitely wasn't covered by anything else in this spot.

Wtf said:

Please Tell me this is the rehearsal video? The only thing this will change is agencies.

Bitchy or not said:

Worst, and I mean WORST nothing happening and BAD HAIR DAY ON STEROIDS video EVER!

Lock up the whole fucking team. This has GOT TO STOP!

hungry like the wolf said:

was used last year in a much better way.

Surely in fashion you want to keep at least a little bit in front?


Such a great track. How much did you pay? A million plus?
To get that track means you have a responsibility to make the pictures take off.
What happened?

shopping maul said:

just wondering who exactly this is aimed at? a campaign for Australia's largest shopping chain featuring a bunch of fabulous nobodies (apparently, as i havent heard of any of them) jumping around (and growling???) to a old song that was ironically cool maybe 10 years ago. westfield really needs to take a long hard look at what they're doing...

Tom G said:

@shopping maul I agree with everything you have said although that song is well over twenty years old and was seriously never cool even then.
Westfield have totally lost the marketing plot in recent years.. Their management when they are not dribbling on about bolstering their online presence with an endless stream of gimmicky digital campaigns are excreting this sort of crap! Hate to be paying your rents Mr Lowy when you keep wasting the money on embarrassing rubbish that does nothing to add value to retailers.

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