First annual Grad Magnet Award to crown most desirable Aussie agency; voted by ad grads

Grad Magnet Awards.jpgThe inaugural Grad Magnet Award has officially launched today by industry folk from Melbourne. The purpose of the awards is to recognise Australia's most desirable agency - as voted by soon to be ad grads.

Most advertising students have a "dream agency" that they would wish to work for. After tallying votes from students across Australia, The Grad Magnet will be awarded to the agency that students are most attracted to.
The advertising industry has many awards, but this will be the first to recognise an agency for their future, rather than their past. The winner will be the agency that is able to attract the best talent with the potential to produce the best work in future.

The awards also give students the chance to judge the industry that is often judging them. Over the next month students from around Australia will cast their vote for which agency they would most like to work for, when they graduate. Students can find out about how to vote by contacting their course coordinators.

An announcement is expected to be made in mid-September with the winner to claim bragging rights as Australia's most magnetic agency. The winner will also take home the prized Grad Magnet trophy, and be able to prove to clients that they have the best pick of the best new talent.

If you would like your students to have their say please contact: or for more information visit:


x said:

Nice initiative. Gives agencies an incentive to return people's calls.

You gotta be kidding me said:

An award given by the least experienced and utterly uninformed.
That should be worth…..nothing

stereotypical client said:

I like it. Nice to have an idea of an agency's position on draft night.

Oh look, another award! said:

Is there anything you can't get award for in this industry?

Good luck with that said:

I suspect as 'about to be grads 'you would be far more interested in our opinion of you at an interview.
We don't have a lot of trouble attracting the best talent.
Supply and demand.

Really? said:

Nothing wrong with saying like it is.
You'll be lucky to do anything more than MI's for the first three years.
And I suspect you haven't been taught about them yet.....
Dream on kids.

MC said:

To the haters who have nothing good to say about this idea I think you might need to take your egos down a peg and realise these grads are the future and you are the past. Be nice. You'll need a job from them soon enough.

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