Google tops Ipsos Australia's 'Most Influential Brands' study; five Aussie brands make top 15

google-logo-874x288.jpgGoogle is Australia's most influential brand among consumers according to a new study released today by Ipsos Australia.

The global Most Influential Brands study, which included brands in Australia for the first time this year, seeks to measure the 'influence' of brands based five factors identified by Ipsos that drive influence: engagement, trustworthy, leading edge, corporate citizenship and presence. It measured 100 brands in Australia and ranked each based on their level of influence.
The top 15 Most Influential Brands were:

1. Google
2. Microsoft
3. Facebook
4. Woolworths
5. eBay
6. Coles
7. Apple
8. Australia Post
9. Visa
10. Telstra
11. Bunnings
12. YouTube
13. MasterCard
14. Samsung
15. McDonald's

Says Gillian O'Sullivan, Ipsos marketing managing director: "In order to exert influence, a brand needs to impact or change the way people shop, think, act and behave. It needs to become a fundamental part of life, shape consumers' desires and help consumers get through their day.
"A brand must be seen to be really important in the world today and even impact the way people interact with one another. Even more than this, people need to identify with the brand, it needs to have relevancy in their life and it needs to become part of everyday language."

Google's highest score was in the driver of 'leading edge' including measures such as: led its competitors, has forever changed the consumer landscape, stands out and is innovative. Google also topped the global list of Most Influential Brands.

Among industries, the media industry ranked number one on 'leading edge' and 'engagement'; consumer packaged goods topped 'trustworthy'; Airlines topped 'corporate citizenship' and Rretail topped 'presence'.

The Most Influential Brands study was based on an online survey of 1,000 Australian adults using the Ipsos iView panel. The same survey was conducted in nine other markets including Canada, US, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and China with a total sample size of 15,152. Each respondent was randomly allocated 10 brands from a list of 100 to evaluate over a number of key metrics and statements.

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