Holler Australia recruits digital natives Fergus Cahill and Nikola Spadina as creative leads

Nikola&Fergus-web.jpgSydney based digital shop Holler Australia has recruited two digital natives, Fergus Cahill and Nikola Spadina as the agency's new creative leads.
Cahill and Spadina first began collaborating together over four-years ago. Both individually, and combined, the two have forged a growing reputation for innovative, adventurous and avant-garde thinking.
Cahill founded creative collective Manual in 2009, and has worked in a diverse range of capacities since then. In 2013 Cahill was selected as one of Australian Creative's 'Power Top 20' and is regarded by his peers as someone who "navigates the interstitial space between traditional and digital media".
Says Cahill: "I've been a fan of Holler's for some time. The vision and empowerment management have offered Nik and I is extremely encouraging and I'm looking forward to helping create beautiful work."
Spadina brings to Holler unparalleled uniqueness. Whether it be living with hippies in Mexico; creating cinema pieces for Yoko Ono with the MCA; lecturing at UTS whilst studying post-graduate Psychology.

Says Spadina: "Holler's shown us what the outliers are capable of, and I'm looking forward to pushing the boundaries even further with brave thinking."   
Says James Theophane, Holler's creative director: "I'm super excited for Nik & Fergus to be part of the next phase of our evolution. Their potent, exciting and unorthodox partnership is not only a perfect fit for the holler way of working, but a boon for our culture."


Tell me it's not said:

Is that PR shot for real?

ha said:

I hope it's not real.

hip stirrers said:

great hipster cliche parody guys. look forward to seeing more of this kind of humour in your work

Tom Noakes said:


This best describes all the feels:

For A. Marshall said:

Interstitial space between traditional and digital? And by definition interstitial is empty. At least they didn't use void. Perhaps conduit would have been better?

And yet, they're digital natives, so digital is traditional for them isn't it?

Oh dear, I'm not sure whether I should laugh, cry or ejaculate.

yep said:

have these guys been teleported in from the 20's or something??

Vapid said:

"Navigates the interstitial space between traditional and digital media"

Translation: Dear client. I have nothing of substance to add to your business other than more buzzwords and pointless jargon.

Clients aren't still swallowing this kind of dross, are they? Tell me they're not.

Drone said:

It's the follow up to that 3D printer drone thing. Not as funny as the first one but still a good wind up.

Account Circus said:

Will they be working on the Parody Account?

me said:

i think its real. Is it or not?

Title trouble said:

Is a creative lead the creative director you're having, when you're not having a creative director?

gold said:

funniest thing i've seen on the blog in ages

gavin said:

I'm pretty sure the guy on the right made me a strong flat white the other day and said "have a swell day" somewhere around Redfern. You sure you got the right pic?

Fiddle dee dee said:

What a truly splendid moustache old chap.

Coming soon said:

Ah, this must be a teaser still from the new Wes Anderson film 'Empowerment management'. Can't wait to see it.

Can't breathe said:

I can't take it. I really need to undo that top button.

Fergus, your collar's a little crooked. Other than that, I have no doubt you guys are going to kill it! Mazeltov.

Pauley said:

Looking sharp lads - congrats!

Ummm. said:

Isn't all uniqueness unparalleled?

I think that's kinda unique's thing.

Bonnie said:

Awesome news, congrats legends x

Please said:

I have no idea why people say advertising is full of wankers. . .

Then he said said:

So glad they're digital natives. No room in this business for digital immigrants.

Mr Tipply said:

Well that explains the Penny Farthing parking spot that has recently appeared outside their office.

Facepalm said:

Oh fuck right of

What said:

This must be a joke. I mean come on!

Kaws said:

Umm... Googled
These guys Nd for all they talk I'm actually unable to find any really solid examples of
What they've actually made...

Revenge of the Nerd said:

Check out the bank balance, Unbelievers.

Michelle said:

The blatant jealousy evident in the above comments is far more embarrassing than anything in the article, which by the way, those feeling particularly bitter should remind themselves, was not actually written or published by either of the gentlemen that the story is about. Do yourselves a favour and use your envy as motivation to better yourselves rather than taking it out on two people who are probably too busy killing it to care about your opinion, hey?

old guy amazed at how conservative the haters are said:

you're cowards, the lot of you.

you're conservative, mouldable, rubbery necked little kids.

you're all freaked out cos he's got a whacky mo.

if any of you had been around when punk arrived, you would've run for cover.

you should be ashamed that you're playing the man, not the ball.

gutless. pointless.

Campaign Brief, why do you let people bully others for their appearance?

Sigh said:

LOL. Just in case you're wondering why nothing but a few of their random side projects are mentioned it's because they don't have the experience to be creative leads. This explains why the partnership is 'unorthodox' more than anything.

Actually nothing to do with jealousy said:

I would say the VAST majority of commentators have absolutely no issue with the talent of these guys. They're clearly great thinkers and hard workers, and it's because of this that they've landed a great gig at a great agency. This is not in dispute, and I think most people would wish them all the best.

The thing is, one of them has a funny looking curly moustache and lush pomaded hair and looks somewhat like a travelling carnival promoter in the late 18th century. The other one also has a kind of funny moustache, and with those specs and that top button done he looks both uptight and like he's looking after the books for the mob during Prohibition.

These are fashion choices. And as fashion choices, they're fair game.

Game on.

Advertising native said:

The moustache is fabulous, however no matter what you call it - a junior writer and a producer with as much experience as you can cram into 25 years do not creative leads make.
Good luck guys, you'll need it.

MD said:

Hipsters or whatever. You keyboard warriors are just a bunch of jealous a-holes and nobody likes you.

dear old guy amazed at how conservative the haters are said:

like an old guy who doesn't know when he's farting because he can't feel his sphincter anymore, you're showing your age. seriously.

Tone Joc said:

The tone of this banter is very convivial IMHO. I've read nothing that one creative wouldn't say to another over a cheeky beer. To the Pollyannas who are, like, all affronted and stuff... this is how we talk biatches.

Grammar said:

Sorry to be so particular, but the 'interstitial space' is actually called the interstice.

The sentence should read "navigates the interstice between traditional and digital media".

But then again, it should never have been written in the first place.

Born in the 80s said:

Surely the majority of people under 30 in the digital industry *are* digital natives, right? I mean, home computers weren't an uncommon household fixture by 85...

Steve Dodds said:

If you're going to slag people off, have the interstitial cojones to use your own name.

Being the positive type myself, I'm assuming that the press release and pics (and possibly comments) are a cunning demonstration of social media at its finest.

The average hiring gets one or two hollers from mates. This has 40 odd.

Well done.


Loved the penny farthing gag.

a friend of spads said:

so typical of adland people...judging from appearance...once you have judged someone you've lost interest in getting to know more. Fortunately, judgement says more about yourself than who you're busy judging : )

Richard said:

My urine is peach colored.

What he said said:

Well articulated @Actually nothing to do with jealousy

Fantastic said:

I'm just reading these comments again. God I love this article. Well done all involved. Pretty confident I'll read these every Friday.

Bygone said:

Ahh, this is still the best article on campaignbrief ever.

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