IAB and MFA join forces to launch new Agency Advisory Group to tackle critical industry issues

2060bfb.jpgThe Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia (IAB) and the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) have announced today that they have joined forces to launch the IAB-MFA Agency Advisory Group (IMAAG).

The Group, which will be chaired by Group M's chief investment and intelligence officer Danny Bass, has a core mission to build a bridge between the interactive publishing community and advertising agencies, as well as addressing key industry wide matters.
IMAAG, which is a merger of IAB's Agency Advisory Board and the MFA's Interactive Committee, will facilitate dialogue between agencies, publishers, marketers and measurement vendors.  Measurement will be a priority for the IMAAG and the Group will also work closely with the IAB Brand Safety council on issues including online traffic fraud.
Says Alice Manners, IAB Australia CEO: "The depth of knowledge and experience of the IMAAG members is unparalleled and we are confident that the Group will provide the market with one strong, consolidated voice."
According to MFA's CEO, Sophie Madden IMAAG is a natural collaboration given the close alignment of IAB and MFA on many key issues.
Says Madden: "IMAAG is a unique opportunity to get agencies, publishers and technology partners in the same room, working together towards industry-wide solutions that will shape our industry's future."
Says Bass: "There's always lots of things to look at in the digital space, so the Group will focus on one issue at a time and give it the time and attention it demands. Our first priority will be the development of a code of conduct which will focus on fraudulent traffic, viewability and verification.

"The classification of news sites and definition of premium display are also important issues we wish to address.  It is important to acknowledge the importance of quality journalism, educate clients about the benefits of aligning with respected publications, and recognise the significant differences between types of news sites."

IMAAG's founding members are:

Anya Collingwood - Match Media                                     
Ally Cooney - TMS Australia                                     
Dan Robins - Resolution Media
Danny Bass - Group M                                              
Esther Carlsen - Xaxis                                                      
James Greet - Ikon
Jason Tonelli - SMV Group
John Miskelly - Group M                                              
Jonathan Betts - Zenith Optimedia
Peter Hunter - PhD Network
Leigh Terry - OMD                                                      
Ros Allison - Zenith Optimedia
Sophie Madden - MFA
Stuart Bailey - OMD                                                      
Travis Johnson - Mnet Mobile             


Jason said:

I have to say this is the most ludicrous concept I have seen in years. Agencies are rotting clients by adding hidden mark ups to DSPs and so forth and a committee is being set up by these very people to help regulate white collar crime.

Its like setting up a committee to stamp out crime and have John Ibrahim, Al Capone and Nick Leeson as the guys making the decisions.

Talk about marking your own papers.

Somebody do a story on the big 5 agency networks marking up DSPs costs by between 200% - 700%.

Unbelievable - the MFA and IAB are a disgrace. You should be ashamed. This is destroying the industry.

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