IE Agency managing partner Berry Driessen to join board of Australasian executives in SoDA

Berry&Chris.jpgBerry Driessen (pictured right with Chris Buetneer from SoDA at Global GMM) managing partner of IE Agency is set to join the Australasian board of executives within the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA)

Along with Rick Campbell of Resn, Matt Griffin of Deepend and Tim O'Neill of Reactive, make up the Australasian board of SoDA. Driessen has recently joined his colleagues just in time for the SoDA Global Member Meeting, which took place last week in Barcelona.

He will play a crucial role in activating Australian digital agencies within SoDA and selecting new members to join, whilst working closely with other committee members from across the globe.
Says Driessen: "It's an honour to be working with my colleagues to further expand the reach of SoDA in Australia. SoDA have pioneered the openness of dialogue between agencies, and I'm elated to be on board as a facilitator and leader."

SoDA (Society of Digital Agencies) is an exclusive and globally renowned network of digital marketing innovators. With representatives across 26 countries with more than 200 offices, SoDA is changing the way agencies connect with one another.

IE Agency provides the innovative business tools, technology platforms and creative thinking that helps Australia's leading organisations rethink and reinvent in the age of disruption. IE is also one of the first Australian agencies to join SoDA.


Gladys said:

If only these digital geeks could communicate beyond their realm.

Quick. Call in the PEOUOA!*

*Please Explain Over Use Of Acronyms.

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