IKEA Australia + Airbnb give families the chance to win IKEA Tempe sleepover via The Monkeys

art-ikea-20tempe-620x349.jpgA collaboration between IKEA Australia and Airbnb is giving three families the chance to stay at IKEA's Tempe store. The campaign is by The Monkeys with PR by Mango and Espresso Communications.

Check out the campaign's coverage on Mashable and Gizmodo, which report that IKEA's slumber party guests will bewoken in the morning in a remarkable way, can keep the Nordic sheets they sleep on, and will receive styling tips on making their homes more 'Airbnb friendly'.

IKEA is offering three different accommodation options - Rustic Charm, Inner City Living and Modern Elegance - available to rent for one night only on 31st August.



nice one said:

very cool

What the actual fuck? said:

Ooh, sign me up to stay in a giant ikea with three families I don't know - and I'll even pay for it.

Said nobody, ever.

Hello, what the actual fuck? said:

3,500+ shares on Mashable suggests that a lot of people are interested. And that's probably one of a hundred sites posting a story about the idea, so do the math:

Clever idea + Minuscule investment = Brilliant outcome and happy client.

Don't get bitter, my sad little friend, just get better.

Agreed said:

Look, I fricken hate the Ikea store with a burning passion (love their stuff, just hate the store, I get panic attacks walking in there and confronting the hordes of Saturday morning crowds.) But for some reason, the average Joe loves the place. I know families who go there for a day out to eat meatballs and dump their kids in their playroom. So, bizarrely, I think this will be a hit, even though you couldn't pay me enough to do it myself.

Hello, what the actual fuck? said:

Almost 12,000 shares on Mashable now.

Still not convinced? Try scrolling to the bottom of this:

Malcolm said:

Imagine you woke up and you were in an Ikea store!!!!

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