ING Direct helps Australians put an end to 'Superannuatiummm' in new campaign via Soap

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 8.30.32 am.jpgING Direct has launched its first multi-channel campaign with Soap Creative for its Superannuation product 'Living Super'. The campaign introduces the term 'Superannuatiummm' to highlight the indifference Australians have towards the various aspects of their super.

The campaign launches with a series of four :15 and :30 ads that capture the diversity of Australia's superannuatiummms in everyday situations. Each spot is brought to life by renowned Australian comedic actor-writer Darren Gilshenan.

Says Chris Kenny, head of marketing, ING Direct: "ING Direct recognises Superannuation can be a challenging topic and it often doesn't get the scrutiny of other financial products people have. We found Australians are often simply unaware of many aspects of their super, with questions around fees to investment types and the ease in which they can consolidate their super."

Supporting the campaign is an extensive online platform that uses an 'ummm' search engine to answer a variety of super questions using simple and direct language. ING Direct's Superannuation specialist, Tim Hewson also features in a series of ongoing Q&A videos. The site is also trialling the speech recognition capabilities of Google Chrome to enable users to get an answer to their 'ummm' by speaking into their microphone instead of typing.

Says Ashadi Hopper, executive creative director, Soap Creative: "Super is rarely top of mind until it becomes a necessity. There's no urgency to act because the problem today is the same problem tomorrow and here aren't any penalties resulting from inaction. We decided that to overcome this inaction, we would bring super into everyday situations to spur action in a playful way."

The campaign launched nationally on 18 August 2014 and the first three ads can be seen on YouTube.

Creative: Soap Creative
Production Company: The Feds
Director / Editor: Josh Logue
TV Producer: Nicola Woolfrey
Sound: Sonar
Grade: DDP Studios
Media: Universal McCann (UM)


Alex W said:

I literally LOL'ed man.

jack said:

So did i,but not because they are funny.

DD said:

Yeah, I can see why they fired D5...

Goldfish said:

Great casting. Simple message. Nice work.

AD said:

Nice on Josh!

Yeah Man... said:

These will work their super-ass's off.

Cannes 2015 said:

Nice one soap. So functional and creative. WOW.

Banking in another agency said:

Funny and it’ll work.

Robert said:


PJ said:

Solid stuff, unlike most of the financial services advertising in this country.

The Monkeys metaphor work for ubank being the standout exception.
That stuff is hysterical.

Pete said:

These are awful, i wonder why some people think that they are any good,other than the fact they were obviously the perpetrators.

Shame really said:

Directing and casting is pretty funny. Script kind of ok too.

Idea is a bad pun on unimaginable scale. Haven't seen one of those for a long time.

Makes no sense said:

These make no sense..

Faux hipsters with no tie to the actual product or service.

Client needs to be fired on this one for allowing it to happen!

chipping away at a big problem said:

Whilst the performances are great, the product descriptions and client directed content sticks out like doggies. That's the sad thing with super. Someone, somewhere in a super company please have the balls to let an agency do something other than a vehicle for your wizz-bang 'online portal that gives you more control' blah blah blah.

You need to change the way we think about our future and how little we will have for retirement. A fancy website and not getting a fat report once a year won't suffice.

marketer who knows these things said:

@chipping away

You’ll find that’s less to do with the super company and more to do with the banking regulator and its restrictions.

Pot calling the kettle said:

It's always nice to see someone who pays the shit out of every company, agency and campaign on a daily basis, finally prove what he's actually capable of. A puntastic campaign starring a comedian, that isn't even remotely funny.

Not amused said:'s shite.

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