Introducing LegRoom, a new worldwide 24/7 digital production service for agencies

IMG_1292.jpgLegRoom, based in Geelong, Australia, is a unique new digital business, offering a 24/7 'white label' digital production service for marketing, digital and creative agencies worldwide.

As many technical directors and digital managers will appreciate, finding the right resources, and keeping hold of them, becomes an ongoing problem to solve. This is a reality in an ever-evolving digital industry that is so diverse in skills. Many digital and integrated agencies operate on an 'as required' basis for development resource. They can't realistically employ several developers - each with an individual specialism, for as and when they need each type of technical expertise.
For most agencies, if anything falls outside of their team's skill set, it becomes a race against time to find an available freelancer.

LegRoom, founded in June by technically skilled Lee Renton, has created a solution to this. As a former technical director at agencies in Australia and the UK, Renton has personal experience of such problems. Which was how the concept of LegRoom - a digital production partner for agencies, not clients directly, was formed.

Renton now directs a team of developers to provide a 24/7 digital production service for websites and apps. They have one goal - to offer a 24-hour development team, producing deadline driven solutions at an agency standard - guaranteed. They have already delivered major digital projects for leading brands on behalf of top agencies in Australia, Europe and the UK.

Says Renton, managing and technical director: "When I moved to Melbourne, I realised that my network alone spread across the globe. With an abundance of diverse skill sets available around the clock, I realised it could be a useful resource for others. LegRoom aims to be the development team you always wanted, but without the overheads. We work in partnership with agencies, behind the scenes, developing and deploying projects to the specifications provided. With a base in Australia, and a team that spans the globe, we're able to work 24/7 to deliver projects on time, and to client sign-off standard. We stay in touch so you know exactly how your project is progressing at all times. I'd love to tell you about some of the brands we're already working with but that isn't what we do!"

Introducing LegRoom, a new worldwide 24/7 digital production service for agencies

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