MedicAlert Foundation makes itself known in Aussie households in new campaign via Them

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 3.01.44 pm.jpgAround one in three Australians are living with some type of medical condition or special needs. To encourage these people to better protect themselves, MedicAlert Foundation has launched a new national advertising campaign via Adelaide agency Them Advertising.

The not-for-profit organisation called upon Them to help reach out to Australians and encourage memberships for the genuine MedicAlert Foundation.

As a result, Them Advertising conceptualised and developed the holistic 'Make Yourself Known' campaign. It aims to encourage those Australians living with a medical condition to make themselves known in an emergency with a customised MedicAlert ID.

The simple, yet effective television commercial serves as a friendly reminder that a genuine MedicAlert ID is invaluable in helping to identify a person's medical needs in times of an emergency.

The 15 and 30 second advertisements will air on national television and are supported by radio, social media and other online promotion.

Says Mark Wightman, managing director at Them Advertising: "Most of us would know someone living with a medical condition, so this campaign is relevant for the vast majority of Australians. MedicAlert Foundation plays a vital role in helping to protect those people, so it's important the organisation gets as much public exposure as possible.

"Being a full-service agency, we were able to provide all the support MedicAlert Foundation needed, from strategic planning and media buying to TV production and digital advertising," said Mr Wightman.

The campaign is currently running across New South Wales and Victoria and will air nationally in October.


i've fallen and I can't get up said:

if we forget history, we are doomed to make the mistakes of the past......for a new generation.....

liz said:

l applied for one and was told it was going to cost me.l cant afford to pay the amount on the my disablity pen

sandra campbell said:

I was in Bondi Westfield shopping centre in 2011 and I started having a seizure.
My right cheek twitches uncontrollably when I have seizures and I IMMEDIATLEY loose the power of speech. I couldn't tell anyone what was happening to me .I approached a group of young adults and showed them my MedicAlert bracelet. They read that I had had a stroke and as a result suffered from epilepsy. Luckily a doctor's surgery was opposite and the nurse got a wheelchair and took me up to the rooms to wait for the ambulance. Since then I have had cards made out that I take out when I feel a seizure coming on that have my contact numbers, fact I loose my voice etc When I got to St Vincent's Hospital a nurse whose mother had something similar was impressed by the bracelet I wore around my wrist. I said but for the MedicAlert Bracelet, no one would have known what was going on and I wouldn't have been able to get such speedy help.

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