Melbourne Writers Festival unveils storytelling app 'Twists & Turns' via Tactify + JWT Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.50.43 am.jpgTactify, the Sydney-based mobile marketing solutions company that helps businesses create interactive mobile and print campaigns with beacon, NFC and QR technology, has today announced the launch of the app "Twists and Turns" created for the Melbourne Writers Festival and advertising agency JWT, who together developed the "Twists and Turns" storytelling concept.
Tactify developed the beacon-driven, choose your own adventure-styled iPhone app that leads users throughout the city of Melbourne as they listen to fictional stories that reference key locations in the city.

Says Richard Dupe, founder and CEO of Tactify: "Twists and Turns is an innovative use of beacons and a real-world example of how they can engage users in a meaningful way and also be used for promotion. Although beacons are a new technology, they create rich experiences for businesses of any size seeking to reach consumers on their mobile phones with the right message at the right time."
Twists and Turns consists of three different stories with four different versions from which users can choose their own story paths. The app maps physical locations to specific chapters of the audio stories, and users decide which part of the story they want to hear by choosing to walk down the street that matches their story decision. Once they make their choice, a network of beacons maps the users' locations, and launches the appropriate portion of the story. The stories were written by authors Nic Low, Leanne Hall and Liam Pieper, and narrated by actors John Wood, Noni Hazlehurst, John Flaus and Richard Piper.
Says Dupe: "Marrying a literary experience with technology is a different application than Tactify's work to date with brand managers, marketers and ad agencies on retail implementations and in-store events. However, the ingenuity of this app may herald even more creative uses of this interactive technology."

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