Mighty Nice director Alex Grigg off to a busy start

AlexGrigg_Photo_v02.jpgThe latest addition to the Mighty Nice team director Alex Grigg, is off to a busy start since arriving back on Sydney's shores from living in London at the start of the year.

Grigg's short Phantom Limb, a film about a young couple learning to live with phantom pains after an accident, has been invited to screen at Annecy, Sundance, Ottawa, London and Pictoplasma Festivals to name a few, it has picked up the Yoram Gross Animation Award at The Sydney Film Festival and he also won the Young Directors Award for Animation Asia Pacific at Cannes this year.
On top of that Grigg has been busy directing the animation on a number of Mighty Nice's TVCs, hitting the ground running on Universities Australia and a couple of large international brand campaigns out soon.

Grigg spends many an evening directing his personal projects alongside the international animation collective Late Night Work Club. He also co-hosted last Tuesdays successful launch of the first Sydney based Loop de Loop, which saw a great turn out of local creatives getting together, to support the bi-monthly international animation challenge.

Grigg's passion for his craft, his talent as a designer and animator is an asset to the Mighty Nice Team.


Doug said:

Very nice film Alex

Emile said:

Nice one Alex.

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