Mon August 25 is LoveYaWork Day for creatives: Acknowledge your creative colleagues on August 25 and give your industry a much-needed boost

LoveYaWorkDayAug25.jpgWhat: Acknowledge your creative colleagues on Monday August 25 and give the whole industry a boost.
Where? Anywhere! On your shoot, in your rehearsal, at the water cooler and on social media - including industry blogs like CB.
Creative people strip their artistic soul daily in pursuit of an audition, a presentation, a performance or an exhibition. They must lay themselves on the altar of criticism to achieve success. For actors, musicians, dancers, designers, writers, art directors and comedians there are countless people in our competitive world happy to provide criticism. This is life in the 21st century.  
In an artistic world assessment is subjective. So what is the proof of success? All creatives want (need, crave) is to hear their good work has been noticed - especially from their peers.
Now there's an opportunity. One day in the year where we all find the time to simply say 'Hey, I love your work' to one of your collaborators. Or associate. Or assistant.
August 25 is St Genesius' Day, the patron saint of actors and comedians. It's a day for the creative industries to salute one or many of the people they work with. A special unlauded person who helped you achieve success, or someone who mentors and inspires you to do better.
How: Use the hashtag #loveyawork on twitter, facebook or instagram. Send a message or take a picture of your creative soul mate. Or be creative! Find a way to say "love your work"!
Spread the word: Can you include a note in your newsletters, website news, twitter or facebook about LoveYaWork Day? Use the above graphic to make it quick and easy. Use #loveyawork to join in. View the Facebook site.

Who's behind this initiative? The team at Sydney-based Greg Apps Casting are stewarding LoveYaWork day. After 30 years of casting, they have seen first-hand how feedback builds confidence, eliciting better performances, benefiting everyone.
Apps has been a casting director since 1982, and has conducted over 100,000 auditions. Says Apps: "At the end of every audition, the actor looks expectantly and says without words 'Did you like it?' And when it comes to artistic endeavours, appreciation really does improve their performance."


Hilarious said:

You mean the weekly back-slapping award shows aren't recognition enough?

A creative said:

This is a truly awful idea that essentially affirms our position at the absolute bottom of the industry ladder - we are now officially charity cases. Blech.

Not for wankers said:

I, for one, appreciate the chance to say 'thanks' to people that inspire me and help me do my work better. Grow the fuck up, 'A creative'.

Idea Stream said:

I agree. What a fantastic idea. We should all appreciate the chance to say 'thank you' to someone who moves/drives us or inspires our work. Looking forward to this day!

ner said:

Gawd. Bit "huggy" for advertising isn't it?

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