Pottinger simplifies the complex world of financial advisory in new print work via Zoo

Pottinger.jpgStrategic and corporate advisory firm, Pottinger, has engaged Sydney advertising agency, Zoo, to develop its new print campaign to raise awareness of and generate leads for the Pottinger brand.
The campaign titled, 'Problems Get Harder as You Get Older', takes an approach using creativity and wit to simplify the complex world of financial advisory services.
Says Cassandra Kelly, Pottinger joint CEO: "We chose Zoo as they not only provided quality and integrity, but also the commitment and the passion that we insist on delivering to our clients.

"We simply loved the thinking behind Zoo's campaign and believe that it's not only very clever, but very insightful of our business and our market. It has been a delight to work with such talented and creative individuals who care about what we do."
Says Simon Cubbin, managing director, Zoo: "It was important for us to understand the client's challenges and objectives and I believe we were able to address these in a unique and memorable campaign.

"We love working collaboratively with clients and being challenged. To create great work, you have to ask the right questions and engage in an open discussion with the client."

The campaign will be entered into next year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity - the world's biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. 
Zoo's Sydney office continues to win an array of new clients and develop creative lead work for both big and small brands. Zoo recently commenced working for Hanson - one of the world's leading suppliers of premixed concrete - implementing a campaign to launch its new Mini Trucks to the home renovator market in Australia. The outdoor promotion entitled, 'Mini trucks, many jobs' is designed to have the trucks acting as mobile billboards, drawing attention from the public as they move from job to job.
Zoo has also commenced work on a number of other brands including: Cathay Pacific Airlines, The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Australian Institute of Music, COAG Reform Council, Talking Stones, Thorn Equipment Finance and Tycen Demolition.
The agency has recently appointed a number of key personnel to senior positions to support its growing portfolio and will be adding new members to its management team later this month.
Zoo Advertising is an agency network with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.


Greidy said:

Negative, but nice.

Old CD Guy said:

Very tidy. It connects, unlike most advertising, because it's based on a human truth which everyone innately understands.

Bean counter said:

Wouldn't it have made more sense to run the insight in the other direction. Financial planning is hard, but it gets easier with Pottinger? Seems to highlight the problem quite well without actually solving it.

Hmmmm said:

Interesting stuff in a tough category. Nice work Zoo!

Anonymous said:

definately a Cannes winner

The Voice of Reason said:

At least you recognise by the use of that nom-de-plume 1:28 that you're way out of your depth. Perhaps this ad makes sense to people who aren't financially sophisticated, which is numerically far greater than those who are.

Bean counter said:

(2:50) Your attempted assessment of my point tells me that it's actually you who is out of their depth. Trying to argue that it's a better strategy to end with numerical complexity (rather than simplicity) for an audience who is financially unsophisticated tells me you neither understand numbers nor concepts. You've actually undermined your own point. Nice work.

Leezy said:

I'd like to hire the writer of the PR release. Pure gold.

PR guys suck said:

Says Anonymous, keyboard warrior: "Why we put a colon in front of our quotation marks I have no idea, nor do I know why a giant press release for a shit-house print ad is required. Do people care about what I say in these press release? Not sure, but the more words we can pad out on the page, the bigger this tiny box-brained idea will look."

watto said:

Nice work Julie. Ignore the wankers using your announcement to air their bickering.

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