Producer/director team Annie Kinnane and Matt Holcomb raise funds for short film 'Flat Daddy'

safe_image.jpgFreelance producer / director team Annie Kinnane and Matt Holcomb met just 9 months ago, but in that time they've developed a script, landed Screen NSW funding and at the end of the month will shoot their short film titled Flat Daddy.
Based on an Australian short story by Louise D'Arcy that won The Age Short Story Award in 2009, Flat Daddy is one of only three short film projects to receive production funding from Screen NSW as part of their Emerging Filmmakers Fund (EFF) for 2014.

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Executive produced by Al Clark, whose list of producer and executive producer credits include films such as The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Chopper, The Hard Word, Blessed and Red Hill, Flat Daddy tells the tale of a working-class Australian military family and of how a life-size cut-out of the serving husband and father, meant to provide a sense of comfort during prolonged absences, becomes a source of emotional upheaval.
Senior TVC producer Kinnane, steps into the world of drama production to work on Flat Daddy, this her third short film. Writer-director Holcomb a TVC director from Melbourne who moved to Sydney 9 months ago is also in advanced development on his first feature, Pinball (produced by Al Clark). Director of photography Geoffrey Hall ACS (Red Dog, Chopper, Drift, Dirty Deeds), co-producer and editor - Holcomb's brother and long-time collaborator - Trevor Holcomb, and screen composer Matt McGowen, round out the Flat Daddy creative team.
AFI, AACTA and Logie-award-winning actor Kat Stewart (Offspring, Underbelly, Tangled) has been cast in the lead role - the wife of the titular Flat Daddy, and the mother of a nine-year-old girl who becomes besotted with the cut-out.
The decision to adapt the short story was, according to director Holcomb, an easy one.
Says Holcomb: "I usually originate my own stories, but I found Louise's story to be so distinctive and unusual, and affecting, that it would have been a mistake not to do it. Of course, certain ideas presented themselves to me during the process of adapting the story -- ideas that gave the adaptation its own identity. The idea that a one-dimensional object could have this kind of emotional hold on people was fascinating; I wanted to give the cut-out a real, almost supernatural presence, as though it contained the father's life-force."
To supplement the Screen NSW EFF grant, Kinnane and Holcomb and the production team of Flat Daddy are currently running a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, with the aim of raising the extra $22,000 required to get the production over the line, complete post-production and get the film out to film festivals around the world. As an innovative perk they are putting a dance party fundraiser in September with six of Kinnane's DJ and musician friends banding together to provide the music for the evening.

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Josh Clark said:

Well done Annie! Can't wait to see it x

flat mummy said:

sounds like a short film that I would like to see

Zed Elliott said:

The whole idea of a family missing a parent on active duty and having a cardboard cut out, 'flat daddy' intrigues me. Look forward to seeing it and also like seeing it produced by people who are innovative with the way they fund the project as well. Good luck with it.

John said:

Well done Annie and Matt!

Keen to see the story hit the screen!

Deuel Droogan said:

Well done and congratulations!
I wish you all the best with your production.

Madge said:

Fantastic story and good luck with getting a great result.

Ant Melder said:

This sounds brilliant - very interesting premise. Really looking forward to seeing it.

Joe M said:

Wonderful Annie, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing this.
Best of luck to everyone involved with this production.

David Williams said:

Great story matched with passionate innovative team. Here's to your success.

Marge said:

A great story that is bound for success. Congratulations Annie and Matt and good luck with creating something amazing.

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