RAPP's Scott Smith moves to DDB Remedy after 16 years; Craig Bailey replaces Smith in CD role

Fotor08218481.jpgCB Exclusive - After 16 years as RAPP Sydney's creative director, Scott Smith (left) is moving internally to DDB Remedy full-time to take up the position of creative director for the health care based arm of DDB Group Australia. RAPP Sydney has announce the appointment of Craig Bailey (right) as its new creative director.
Says Dr John Bertolini, DDB Remedy managing director: "Scott's appointment coincides with our increasing emphasis on delivering Business Focus Solutions. Scott's experience and expertise across a range of industries and channels will help us deliver creativity that makes a difference to our clients.The  growth  of work  from  Pfizer  and Bayer based brand accounts and recent pitch win including IPN has led us to refocus on our integrated creative offering."
Says Smith: "I've seen a lot of change during my time at Rapp, but one thing never changes - world-class agencies attract the best people and clients, which in turn creates the opportunity to do great work.
"I made the decision to move to Remedy as the time was right for a change and I'm excited by the opportunity to add value as we build on their strong and growing success and evolve our offering - taking a more consultative approach with our clients, offering strategically anchored and creatively driven business solutions."

Says Simone Blakers, managing director, RAPP Sydney: "Scott has been an integral part of the RAPP brand and family for a long time. He has been a consistent and driving force behind RAPP's creative success and I know he will add immeasurable value to DDB Remedy's creative output.
"We are also delighted to announce the appointment of Craig Bailey to the role of creative director. Craig is a multi-award winning creative talent and digital native and joins us from Pusher where he was creative director and senior partner. His experience will allow us to truly harness the strength of data-driven advertising & marketing as he has a strong understanding of how to use technology to create engaging customer experiences."

Bailey is a digital native with over 15 years experience ideating, strategising, directing and designing. He believes in story telling that connects people with brands through the blending of creativity and technology.

Says Bailey: "RAPP's reputation alongside the impressive globally aligned client portfolio was a compelling reason to jump on board. Also, working closely with MD Simone Blakers and the rest of the leadership team is a very exciting prospect. I'm looking forward to bringing some fresh digital smarts and ideas into a customer obsessed, data driven creative agency. We all want the same thing; to foster intimate one to one marketing that empowers people with stuff that's actually useful.

"I have extensive experience offering specialist knowledge, opinion and guidance on how technology and innovation can force the envelope of ongoing consumer engagement and behavioural change."


Steve said:

Scott is a legend. Great writer, even greater bloke. One of a kind and one of the most valuable people in the industry. He'll do great things wherever he is, but it's a sad loss for Rapp.

Boom said:

Bails prevails. Congrats fella.

paul s said:

Mr Smith

You're a champion CD and a gentleman, with one fatal flaw: Your'e a bloody Manly fan.

Good luck sir.

Pete said:

Things are on the up big fella. We all know you're doing it for Doctor John's free Viagra samples. As long as there are no contraindications when mixed with tequila, you're all good.

Little Jack Horner said:

A storytelling digital native eh, like Morgan Freeman, dressed as Geronimo thumbing his own date... Radvertising!

Oz D said:

Mr Bailey. I salute you.

Good luck with the new chapter.

In truth I'm just happy you're closer to my place of work. See you in The Rose on Fridays!

Lou said:

Well done bails - hell of a gig and an even better blurb!

Bevo said:

Onya Scotty. One of the true gents. All the best mate.

Up and Up said:

Congrats to both of yous.

Haircut said:

Onya Bails! Talented lad, looking forward to seeing the creative goodness to come!

James said:

Rapp still exist? Simone has done a great job at shrinking that agency.

Cam said:

They must have offered you a stack of cash, Bailey. That's the only reason why anyone would work at Rapp these days. Enjoy!

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