Arnie's back in third spot of the 'Australia lives here' campaign for via BWM

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 5.00.08 has unveiled the third spot in its new 'Australia lives here' campaign featuring Hollywood film icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the spot viewers see Schwarzenegger mistake a waiter with long blonde hair for a woman.

Group Manager Marketing Strategy: Natalie Feehan Head of Brand Strategy: Sarah Coghlan Brand Marketing Manager: Ben Lemon

Brand strategy: The Brand Institute

CEO: Karl Treacher

Creative agency: BWM Melbourne
Group Managing Director: Mark Watkin
Group Account Director: Nicholas Robinson
Senior Account Director: Hugh Baulch
Account Director: Jacob Hewitt
Strategy Director: Susannah Stoney
Executive Creative Director: Murray White
Associate Creative Director: Tim Gill
Copywriter: Jake McLennan
Art Director: Cam McMillan
Senior Onscreen Producer: Luisa Peters
Lead Onscreen Producer: Sonia McLaverty
Executive Onscreen Producer: Abby Hunt
Content Editor: Brian Patto
Print Production: Pat Vitetta
Print Producer : Zoe Watts
Digital Experience Director: Mikael Perhirin
Digital Producer: Ian Stokol
Digital Designers: Gus Jacquier, Greg Fiske, Lester Quong
Senior Developer: Kath Carnell
Designer: Steph Kitchin
Finished Art: Lisa Cammarano, James Croxford
Creative Services Manager: Pravina Kumar

US Production Company: Saville Productions
Director: John Hamburg
DP: Larry Sher
Executive Producer: Rupert Maconick
Head of Production: Michelle Travinski
Producer: Diane Leuci

Melbourne Production Company: Blue Boat Productions
Senior Producer: Luisa Peters
Producer: Fiona McGregor
Melbourne Director: Murray White
DP: Tov Belling

Editor: The Editors - Peter Whitmore
Post Production: Method Studios
Producer: Kath Raphael
Head of VFX: Sigi Eimutis
Sound: Flagstaff Studios - Paul Le Couteur
Photographer: Fox Creative - Dave Hill
Retoucher: Dave Hill

Media agency: MediaCom

Group Director, Implementation Planning & Investment: Lisa Fahey Executive, Implementation Planning & Investment: Kalan Jeans Director, Client Communications Planning: Kate Lang

Manager, Client Communications Planning: Michelle Hartley Digital Director: Melanie Cannington

Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising: Anny Havercroft Manager, MediaCom Beyond Advertising: Tim Russell Executive, MediaCom Beyond Advertising: Andrew Raymond

Group Director: Scott Kimberley


Adfreak said:

Possibly a reference to Eurovision here???
I have no idea how they convinced Arnie to go for this. I guess you can only ask?

@Adfreak said:

Can't tell the difference between Australia and Austria (the only similarity being the name). Can't tell the difference between a boy and girl (the only similarity being the hair).

Pretty easy get. Loving these spots.

Sherlock said:

No credit for the actual creatives?

Thank you young lady! said:

This is hilarious....

E said:

That must be the move he pulled on his maid

Fritz said:

Again well done Jake and Cam!

Oh Dear said:

These are cringe worthy.

Jack said:

Just not funny, points for getting Arnie, but none for how you've used him. The premise is stupid and the executions echo that.

Ostereich said:

If you're familiar with Austria or have ever been to Vienna, you'll know that the Australia/Austria is an old gag that stretches back decades. Heck the t-shirt vendors even sell 'There's no kangaroos in Austria' shirts around the ringstrasse.

These guys have found a celebrity, and a way in to use him, and given it's one of the bigger stars in the world (albeit past his prime) good on them for being audacious enough to snare it.

I've had problems with the Arnie's little 'post-product-gags' at the end of each spot to date, but I think the tie-in that is on the REA site (where you can check out the properties arnie might buy) is quite nice.

A question said:

Are the jokes all about Arnie's bad eyesight?

Does he have bad eyesight?

Why does he think the guy with the beard is a woman, and why does he mistake a mirror for his body double?

I'm not understanding the jokes here. Is there something I'm missing?

Huzzah said:

Nice campaign Murray and crew.

Carpet bomber said:

Nice Carpet bombing BWM & clients. You've hit up all the respective blogs with relish for the launch of this campaign.

The ads are ok. Mildly amusing in parts but fairly pedestrian use of celebrity endorsement at the same time.

Use this as a building block to do something really good before getting all self-congratulatory. You won't be troubling the awards juries just yet.

All the ingredients and a shit chef said:

It would have been funnier if he farted in an elevator then hit emergency stop, letting the assistant and two nuns choke to death. Why two nuns? I guess two are funnier than one. Plus, there would have been a good opportunity for a sound of music throwaway line at the end.

Nice Guy said:

I like the one where he gets his double to take over.
Great cut through.
I Bet ' Belgo' was sniffing around at arse height around the set!

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