Sara Lee promotes range of frozen desserts in latest campaign via O'Shea & O'Brien, Sydney

SARA-LEE-DESSERTS.jpgSydney agency O'Shea & O'Brien has delivered the first brand ad for Sara Lee frozen desserts since 2011.

The campaign has been created to re-invigorate the brand and leverage the existing latent brand equity in the historic tagline, 'Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee'.

The ad shows a diverse range of Australians, all brought together by their shared love of Sara Lee. The music track is a modern composition of Cole Porter's classic 'Let's Fall in Love'. As the ad plays out, the lyrics describe a range of scenarios and characters from all walks of life enjoying Sara Lee.

Says Ben O'Brien, executive creative director, O'Shea & O'Brien: "Plenty of brands would like to think everyone likes them, but it's rarely true. It's been refreshing to work on a brand that can honestly say it without bragging. Sara Lee really does have something everyone likes. And as a bonus, we've got enough cheesecake in our freezer for a year's worth of staff parties."

Adds Mike O'Brien, retail marketing director, McCain Foods: "Sara Lee is one of Australia's most loved brands, and we're excited to once again showcase just how broad an appeal the brand and our products have. O&O brilliantly combined a little bit of old with a little bit of new to produce an ad that is bursting with character. Working with O&O has been a pleasure; they are a highly experienced and collaborative team, which has led to a highly productive and enjoyable process.

Says Kath O'Shea, managing director, O'Shea & O'Brien: "It's a great privilege to work on such an iconic brand. It's also a responsibility. We spent a lot of time in planning to get the message and balance right. We have no doubt that Sara Lee will be top of mind for the target next time they're in store... and of course, they'll be unconsciously humming the tune while they're there."

The TV campaign will be supported by in store POS, digital and social media.


Tim P said:

I almost believed these people were real. Almost. Well, not really. When a manicured gran gives you a smirk - it's all over.

Straight talker said:

Well that was shit.

HoboCop said:

Looks like Ozonam Industries has opened up an Agency.

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