Schwarzenegger fronts new 'Australia lives here' campaign for via BWM Melb

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.58.57 has unveiled a new national brand campaign via BWM Melbourne, starring Hollywood film icon, former governor of California and Austria's favourite son, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The first spots have released in a series of seven television commercials set to air over the coming weeks.

5.jpgIn an Australian media first, launched the campaign using a unique high-impact approach, commandeering all free to air and subscription Australian commercial television and major digital advertising networks simultaneously. Capitalising on the 6:20pm time slot, a time when many Australians are watching television while using a digital device1, the strategic multi-channel and cross-platform approach expects that more than 2.7 million Australians experienced the premiere of's new brand campaign2.

The campaign, Australia lives here, aims to show property seekers that offers much more than property listings. The series of television commercials begins when Arnold discovers in his search to move back to his beloved Austria. Under the incorrect assumption that the '.au' is an Austrian site, Arnie goes through a comedy of errors in his quest to find the perfect home, despite the gentle prompts from his in-the-know Australian assistant, Dylan. group manager marketing strategy, Natalie Feehan, said the campaign aligns the brand's positioning to the business's long term strategic direction.

Says Feehan: "Australia lives here is the culmination of six months of work refining and re-articulating the brand strategy to support's future growth.

"The brand has been known and widely accepted as Australia's number one property site. The fact is, we know our audience engages with our site throughout the property cycle, not just when they are buying and selling3, so we wanted to expand perception of the site by creating an engaging campaign that tells a story.

"Through Arnie's discovery of, we get to see other parts of the site that are helpful for consumers like suburb profiles, sold price information, investment data and editorial content."

In relation to filming the campaign, the 'Austrian Oak', Arnold Schwarzenegger said he hadn't had this much fun on the small screen in a long time.

Says Schwarzenegger: "I had such a fantastic experience making the commercials for with acclaimed American comedy director John Hamburg. I learnt a lot about Australia in the process, like how to say Wagga Wagga. I also found it's hard to find a home with a cheese cave or professionally equipped gym."

BWM's managing director Mark Watkin said the idea of using Arnold Schwarzenegger was deliberately left-field.

Says Watkin: "When we conceived the creative idea of Arnold as the lead character, it was because we wanted cut through and to make people think differently about the brand. The campaign ultimately is about discovery; so that people are curious to find out more."

Mediacom CEO Mark Pejic said the media schedule was bought to help drive the story as it unfolds over television - a unique narrative aspect to the campaign.

Says Pejic: "The media schedule was planned to amplify the high impact of creative at launch in a way that would get Australia's attention. Beyond launch, it's really interesting to see a story like this play out over time across television, online, social media, print and outdoor media."

To follow Arnie, Dylan and their adventures with Australian real estate, visit and follow #ausliveshere on Twitter.

Group Manager Marketing Strategy: Natalie Feehan Head of Brand Strategy: Sarah Coghlan Brand Marketing Manager: Ben Lemon

Brand strategy: The Brand Institute

CEO: Karl Treacher

Creative agency: BWM Melbourne
Group Managing Director: Mark Watkin
Group Account Director: Nicholas Robinson
Senior Account Director: Hugh Baulch
Account Director: Jacob Hewitt
Strategy Director: Susannah Stoney
Executive Creative Director: Murray White
Associate Creative Director: Tim Gill
Copywriter: Jake McLennan
Art Director: Cam McMillan
Senior Onscreen Producer: Luisa Peters
Lead Onscreen Producer: Sonia McLaverty
Executive Onscreen Producer: Abby Hunt
Content Editor: Brian Patto
Print Production: Pat Vitetta
Print Producer : Zoe Watts
Digital Experience Director: Mikael Perhirin
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Digital Designers: Gus Jacquier, Greg Fiske, Lester Quong
Senior Developer: Kath Carnell
Designer: Steph Kitchin
Finished Art: Lisa Cammarano, James Croxford
Creative Services Manager: Pravina Kumar

US Production Company: Saville Productions
Director: John Hamburg
DP: Larry Sher
Executive Producer: Rupert Maconick
Head of Production: Michelle Travinski
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Senior Producer: Luisa Peters
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DP: Tov Belling

Editor: The Editors - Peter Whitmore
Post Production: Method Studios
Producer: Kath Raphael
Head of VFX: Sigi Eimutis
Sound: Flagstaff Studios - Paul Le Couteur
Photographer: Fox Creative - Dave Hill
Retoucher: Dave Hill

Media agency: MediaCom

Group Director, Implementation Planning & Investment: Lisa Fahey Executive, Implementation Planning & Investment: Kalan Jeans Director, Client Communications Planning: Kate Lang

Manager, Client Communications Planning: Michelle Hartley Digital Director: Melanie Cannington

Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising: Anny Havercroft Manager, MediaCom Beyond Advertising: Tim Russell Executive, MediaCom Beyond Advertising: Andrew Raymond

Group Director: Scott Kimberley

1 Nielsen, Australian Connected Consumers Report 2014
2 OzTam MTV 5 Cap Cities: 4/8/13 - 31/8/13 and 6/4/14 - 31/5/14
3 Housing Affordability Sentiment Index, May 2014


Toni Higginbotham said:

Fantastic performances by Arnie and Wade. This was a dream to cast.....
Well done.

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O said:

.Yeah i guess.

Domain said:

certainly makes that Dexter work (or whatever it is) for look flimsy....!

great work

Celestenegger said:

YEAHHHHH CAMMY!!! It's your creative dream come true! Go Nicco!

halfpricey said:

Big congrats Jake Mc. And Lou for production, nicely done.

Fritz said:

Well done Jake & Cam!!!! Great work!

ailes said:

On ya Jake.

Ragdoll Appreciation Society said:

This is good. The attention to detail across channels is admirable.

cool said:

It's great to see a category doing something so much better than what has gone before.

Tho the 'Austria/Australia' joke is well worn, I think it's very watchable.

Not too bad said:

Why isn't Dylan an American. The first set up is in the US, Arnies side-kick should be a Californian or something like that. Devil is in the details guys.

jeeves said:

"this is Australia!" ...except the car in the background is left hand drive.

@jeeves said:

Sorry bud, look again. Devil is in the details.

Anyone else agree? said:

I've been hearing a lot about execution being more important than idea these days.
This is a perfect example – a very average idea executed really well and it's all fine.
Obviously a great idea executed well is better but this will do for real estate.
Well done - could have been a lot worse.

No one liners? said:

With all that talent you'd expect it to be miles better. Director and script let it fall flat.

Jakenonymous said:

I also have no affiliation with this ad whatsoever but I have to completely agree with Camnonymous.

Camnonymous said:

I have no affiliation with this ad whatsoever but I think it's amazing.

Alduck said:

Awesome Cam. So bloody good.

CW said:

Haha amazing Cam! I bet you had fun.

Hank said:

Nice job Jake and Cam. By the way, I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle. In fact, just your clothes.

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Congrats Jake and Cam!

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