Sportsbet makes punting 'faster-er, easier-er, better-er' in new campaign via Ralphsmith

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 1.41.06 pm.jpgOnline bookmaker, through its shiny new mobile betting app, has made placing a wager on your mobile phone Faster-er, Easier-er and Better-er than ever before.

Sportsbet's latest campaign 'Faster-er. Easier-er. Better-er' via Ralphsmith Communications has hit the nation's airwaves with the ads illustrating how punters can overcome some of life's annoying realities to easily and quickly get a bet on via the new Sportsbet mobile app.

The campaign will run across TV, radio and online platforms for a period of nine weeks.

Says Luke Waldren, Sportsbet's general manager of marketing: "More than 70% of our customers use our mobile app to place a bet and that trend is picking up speed, not slowing. We've all been out for a romantic dinner where you're supposed to stay interested and don't have the time to get a bet on that night's footy game. With the speed and ease of the new app we've come to every man's rescue."

Agency: Ralphsmith Communications
Creative Director: Richie Ralphsmith
Writer/Art Director: Chris Rogers
Agency Producer: Jess Van Roosendaal
Production Company: The Pound
Director: Dogboy
Producer: Nat Taylor
Client: Sportsbet
Hand talent extraordinaire: Simon Coughlan 


Englishman said:

I bet DDB, Grey and Leo Burnett are kicking themselves that they didn't come up with this pitch winner. It makes me wanna punch the VO in the face.

Step backwards said:

Bring back the big guy in the small speedos.

one hand clapper said:

SFX: man clapping with one hand.

Jimmy said:

Is it just me or are these getting progressively worse -and quickly?

Old CD Guy said:

One problem is that all sports betting ads are blurring into one. What brand is this for? The greater problem is the moral issue of sports betting in general.

Double Identity said:

Is Richie Ralphsmith the CD of Ralphsmith any relation to Richard Ralphsmith the ECD of Accelerator?

yeah thanks said:

And do continues the questionable advertising brief of normalising the act of gambling.

agree with old CD said:

Couldn't agree more old CD guy, I was wondering if all these sports betting companies use the same old VO guy. As for the moral issue - money seems to have vanquished any morals that we hold, as ever.

Confused said:

Why is it commendable to make ads that sell beer, but deplorable to make ads that sell a gambling service. Both are money down the toilet?

1980 said:

Yay, misogyny!

Hugsy said:

Who does the guys voice in the ad?

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