Three young guns from two-year old start up Common Ventures included in B&T's 30 Under 30

Common-group-shot_B&T-winners.jpgThree of the four founders of creative agency Common Ventures - Damian Damjanovski, Jane Burhop and James Crawley - are included in B&T's latest 30 Under 30, a first for the impressive start-up and a glass marker of big things to come.

Along with CD Brian Merrifield, the young team left Ogilvy Sydney two years ago to start their very own agency.

Says Burhop: "Despite what people will tell you, it's not all cat videos and double rainbows. The main thing that got us through those four-coffee days and endless nights was our approach to problems that appear impossible. You quickly see the importance of perseverance."
CommonVGraph.jpgTheir attractive mix of strategy and creative has allowed the agency to freely work on a diverse list of projects without the restrictiveness of big agency bureaucracy and endless email ping-pong.

The agency has created campaigns such as Adshel's 'How Agency Are You?' and this year's 'How in Love with Advertising Are You?' to OOH campaigns for charities The Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children and one-punch violence activists Step Back Think.

Says Damjanovski: "Our work reflects our agility as an independent agency. We've put our heart and soul into every project to prove ourselves and I'm immensely proud of everything our team has achieved in our short history."



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Michael said:

On ya Jane.

For real said:

These four people are the biggest legends in the industry and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

O said:

Yeah I guess

Only ones to enter said:

See my name

Typical said:

Only ones to enter said: something shitty and negative.

Well done, legends!

Suz said:

Very bloody well done. Good show :)

Hallway hack said:

Well done. Remember - most of the guys who run shit these days were appointed as CD's at age 20-something, some of them 30-something.

Problem is, they're the same pricks who won't appoint anyone else younger or less experienced than them.

For the most part ;)

Bodfish said:

Congrats guys! Great news.

A hearty bogan bravo..!!

Tim & Mark

judge said:

congrats James and Jane...having been a judge this year, the two of you really stood out in terms of the commitment and hardwork displayed...oh and Milly from D5 stood out is a rockstar too.

Tali said:

Nice work, guys! Saaaaaah clever xox

Dani White said:

Awesome guys! Huge congrats.

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