Tony Rogers and Rob Hibbert questioned about the offensiveness of new web series, on Sunrise

Sunrise.jpgThis morning on channel 7's Sunrise, 'How to Talk Australians' director Tony Rogers, co-creator and director of the SBS series 'Wilfred' and writer Rob Hibbert (Images You Should Not Masturbate To), had an interview with Samantha Armytage and David Koch, where the question was posed whether the web series is too harsh on Australian culture. 

'How to Talk Australians' takes a cheeky poke at the stereotypical 'Strayan' vernacular and lifestyle as seen through the eyes of bewildered but eager-to-learn students at an Indian training centre in an 8-part web series, with episodes 7 and 8 officially being released today.

The Web Series has made over 1,200,000 Australians 'piss' themselves with these riotous representations of the 'Strayan' way and, being shared internationally with an overwhelmingly positive reaction to this hysterical depiction of 'Down Under'.

The web series is not without disparagements too of course considering its topical nature. With some heated debates on social media, 'How to Talk Australians' has successfully questioned whether Australians are still capable at having a good laugh at themselves. Armytage queried, "Are we really that bad?" to which Rogers confidently responded, "No, we are worse" Rogers continued with, "It's a great Australian tradition, I think we should be proud of the fact we can laugh at ourselves. There are a lot of people that can't, or so it seems" and with the preponderance of viewers celebrating the success of 'How to Talk Australians' it looks like the tradition is predominantly on trend.
Director: Tony Rogers
Writers: Rob Hibbert, Tony Rogers
Producer: Jason Byrne
Starring: Vishal Kotak, Jeffrey Dsouza, Chum Ehelepola, Robert Santiago, Vikrant Narain, Sybil Quadros, AnanthGopal and KamlaChandar


??? said:

Is this blog about advertising?

Always one isn't there? said:

Geez '???'

Given that Tony Rogers and Rob Hibbert have put together some of the best advertising in the country I think this one qualifies.

Plus it's good enough to run on two other 'advertising blogs' too - so maybe go troll there as well. No doubt that'll get your little clawed hands moving furiously on google!

Well done guys, and really funny stuff Rob, Tony and Tim - from one of the Patts old guard.

Miss. O. Gynist. said:

Samantha Armytage is not qualified to ask questions about culture, or indeed, anything.

Norm De Plume said:

Well, I saw 'How to talk Australians" the other day as a pre-roll video on a newspaper website (I assume this was paid media), so I think we can actually call it advertising anyway.

Not that it needs any justification.

silvs said:

love these two dudes. You've always made me laugh - we need more people like you guys. Off to watch the series now...

teacup... said:

as always, leave it to the lowest common denominator (aka morning shows/news) to try and create a storm in a…

instead they should celebrate and support the mischievous and downright funny attitude of australians. well done guys.

Easter bunny said:

Mmm, milk chocolate jacket. My favourite.

LOL said:

Bloody funny stuff. Congrats.

Gibbo said:

I'd like to think I was the inspiration for one of the characters.

Classic stuff guys. Well done.

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