Tupperware appoints cummins&partners as new creative agency partner after a competitive pitch

027962-TUPAUS_AW14_MicroSteamer-RiceCooker.jpgTupperware has confirmed the appointment of two new agencies, cummins&partners and AMPR Group after an extensive and competitive pitch.

Melbourne based cummins&partners will manage the creative requirements for the brand with AMPR Group set to deliver public relations, sponsorship leverage, and events.
Following a 15-year tenure with the incumbent agencies, the new appointment comes at a time of exciting growth for the brand here in Australia and New Zealand.

Says Jonathan Cox, senior marketing manager AU/NZ from Tupperware: "cummins&partners have the creative runs on the board and AMPR has built a reputation based on campaign success. We are confident both agencies can deliver what we need for our brand and business to grow. We need people who can help us develop our creative concepts and communication needs plus deliver to our high standards. We look forward to working with them both."

Says Chris Jeffares, managing director, cummins&partners: "Tupperware is a brand with incredible advocacy, it's uniquely positioned in the market and has a fascinating business model, and we are extremely pleased to be working with them."

Says Sarah Gale, general manager, AMPR: "We are delighted to work with such an iconic brand. Tupperware presents an exciting opportunity for AMPR and we look forward to delivering creative and engaging public relations programs that assist in achieving their broader business objectives."


awesome said:


Pseudonym said:

It's fast becoming a two agency town.

Clems and Cummins

Mel Buoy said:

I know which of the two i would choose if i wanted the best creative work in Melbourne.

Two horse town? said:

Slow down 'Pseudonym said'. Cummins are having a good run [and well deserved],
but they're still well down the totem pole. [For starters, AJF would be twice their size and growing faster - they just don't see the need to PR it].

aj who? said:

@two horse town?

I think you just did the pr for ajf..and very badly.

I would suggest you take a look at cummins. They were over 100 people when I worked there

I don't get it said:

Cummins do seem to be on a winning streak... which begs the question - why is their creative output so poor? They keep winning new business, but the work that comes out of that place is consistently substandard. Something's not adding up for me....

Two horse town? said:

Dear a] who said:
Having 100 employees is not the measure of success. And just to be clear - as I said in my previous comment, C&P is having a very good run and it IT IS MUCH DESERVED. The all new 'Andrew, Jim, Cuz' regime is working a treat, creatively and commercially. But to call Melbourne a two horse town is just naive.

Tom G said:

Tupperware will come in handy for keeping those old ideas fresh

boo said:

i say get Jonathon Brown to voice over it.

pseudonym said:

@ Tom G


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